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[Travel] : Cambodia Day 2- Angkor Wat


Hi there!
I'm so sorry for late post again. I'm super bad blogger nowadays, I'm very sorry guys!
Without further due, here is my travel diary day 2 in Siem Reap,Cambodia.This post will be focus on what and where I went on day 2.

Its Sunday and Easter day but I celebrated Easter day in different way this year.
Today, my first activity will be see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. So, I wake up at 0400am ( can you believe this?hahah)  and  I went to see my tuk-tuk driver( which I already booked when I check in to my hotel) and he drive me to Angkor Wat directly. When we arrived there, its super dark, I can't see anything and I walked with my phone's light. I can't believe I do this in my life..ahhaha.
This is the main reason I came to Cambodia, to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat.
Below is the details of this day 2 itinerary and some info.

History about Angkor Wat.

You can read here.

Without further due, here is my photos from Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom and Bayon temple.

How to go Angkor Wat?
Note: This is my own experience, maybe there cheapest price you can find so search for it.

Step 1:

Book the tuk-tuk or rent the bicycle from the hotel you staying ( its common for them to have this service).
How much? The tuk-tuk will cost USD15/ one day tour.
Step 2: 
Buy the ticket at booth in the early morning, be ready with your ugly morning face..ahaha.
How much? USD20/ one day tour.
*After purchase the ticket, then you can go to Angkor Wat by ride your tuk-tuk.
Step 3 :
Wait for sunrise at Angkor Wat and witness the sunrise.
Step 4 :
 Explore the other temple like Angkor Thom and Ta Phrom ( or some other temples).
My total cost to go to Angkor Wat is USD40 ( One day tour, one day tuk-tuk service and sunset at Phnom Bakheng.
This one day I just wondering around the temple by myself without any tour guide, if I really want to know about something then I will search for it on my phone and sometime I follow the people with tour guide and listen to what the tour guide said ( not really recommended).
Enjoy the photos.
When I arrived, its super dark and I can't see people in front of me but as the time goes by, the sunrise is finally here, the moment that I waiting for.


That's my Angkor Wat journey end.
See the sunrise is the best experience.


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