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[Travel] Cambodia Day 2- Ta Phrom Temple

27 March 2016

Hi there!
Day 1 in Siem Reap continue at Ta Phrom. If you ever watch Lara Croft movie starring by Angeline Jolie, then you already know about this attraction. I always wonder why the tree become like this and I really want to know why. I'm blessed because I can see it with my own eyes.When I arrived here, the area is very quite, seems nobody else and I walking by myself. In my mind I feel like I shooting the movie..ahhaha.
Enjoy the photos.

My favorite travel pose.
I bravely ask other tour guide to take my photos.

Not so ready but luckily it come out nice!
Wonderful right?

I imagined myself wearing the white dress and posing over there? Sound creepy or wonderful?

One of the famous tree in Ta Phrom. Everyone wanna take photo with this tree. Since nobody with me so I just take photos of it.

After my journey, I went to this street stall and I bought the mango.

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