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[Travel] Cambodia Day 4 -Visiting top attractions in Phnom Penh

29 March 2016

Early morning I went to main attraction at Phnom Penh like Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and National Museum. But, on my way to National Museum, I feel headache and hungry at the same time. So, I went for lunch first and still I feel so headache. So, I decided to rest after my exploration at National Museum. Oh ya, the food I ate for my brunch is Cambodia food. I'm not sure what's the time but the taste is quite different than what I usually eat.Since its not so familiar, I can't finish it. I still feel hungry so I bought the waffle on the street and its delicious. If I traveled with my sister, she won't let me buy it because afraid of food poisonous. But, since I came by myself, I just buy it and eat it. After my quick exploration at National Museum, I went back to hotel because I feel like want to fainted. I rest for 2hours then I start the crazy journey, I wondering the Phnom Penh city without map or Google Maps. I just walk, take photos and see how people live. Its fancating to do activity like this because I can see so many different view and people. Before the night came, I go back to hotel because its not really recommended for girls to travel during night here.

1.Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda.

This palace is so amazing! Everything inside is beautiful and precious, we cant take photos so I'm sorry!

After visit Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda, my tourist guide ask me to try to do this, wash my hand using this water and it will make good luck in my life. Thank you!

Before I exit from Silver Pagoda, I took one photos with this national flowers and one tourist guide photo bombing me.

I bought snacks from the street and its taste good!

2.National Museum

The distance between Royal Palace and National museum is not too far, so you don't even need tuk tuk to visit this two places.

3. Cambodia-Vietnam Monument
After visit Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda, I wondering the area and I hope this monument and its monument for Cambodia-Vietnam Independent monument.
My brunch
I feel headache so I went back to hotel
After rest for 2 hours, I continue my crazy journey by explore the city without use tuk tuk.Just go!

Then, I ate dinner

Thank you very much for enjoying Day 4 journey in Cambodia with me. I can't describe any words to express how grateful I am with this life.


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