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[Travel] : Cambodia Day 5- Live dangerously


When I look back on my Cambodia photos, I said to myself " I can't believe I do this" and I feel so happy I did this solo traveling.
For the second last day in Cambodia,I went to Wat Phnom Temple in the early morning. This is one temple in Phnom Penh so I expect there will be a lot of local people will come praying here. And, yes, I am right! I am the only one not praying when I arrived here but after wondering and take photos, the tourists start fill the temple.And, again do crazy job. I wondering the city without any maps again. I just see the sign board go to Independent Monument, Late king statue and Central Market as well to shopping the souvenirs. I feel like it feel waste to just live in the world, I rather do something I want and risk to do something so I'm happy with my life. I sound so selfish and unplanned kind of people but I'm not! I rather do what I love than always said " I wish I did that" when I'm older.

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