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[Travel] : Cambodia Day 6 - What I learned from my solo travel?


Its my last day in Cambodia.
Its time for me to head home after living away from home(Malaysia) for almost one month.
I miss my bed so much but I must say, the hotel bed is nicer (ahhaa) and I really love this kind of life because I can see different view,eat different kind of food and talk to new people everyday.
I know, I can't live like this forever because I miss my people so much and sometime I miss Malaysian food especially nasi lemak, I am totally Malaysian. 
Before I end my travel post in Cambodia, I would like to share what did I learned from this travel experience.
Without further due, let's check it out.

What did I learned from this solo travel?
1. Have faith
Honestly, travel alone never easy!
Even the day of my flight, I still thinking to cancel and not going.But, I am someone that never give up on something that make me happier so I just go.I went to Cambodia with full of faith in God and with my brave heart. Whenever you feel doubt with something in your life, always have faith in God and know that will makes you happy.
2. You can do it, don't underestimate yourself.
You know what, you can do something that you never imagine yourself doing, I mean.. I can't believe I just made it to travel solo this year. I really can't believe what did I achieved! I'm glad I trust myself and never underestimate myself because no one can trust you if you don't even trust yourself.
3. Have fun while you still can.
This is the best part while traveling alone. I can do what's make me feel happiest(fun) and I will not doing what's make me feel not really good. I can go to wherever places that I wanna go and never go to places that I feel like its not attract me.Its depends on you.
4. Appreciate the moment.
While I'm in Cambodia, I spent most of the time wondering around like a crazy lady(which I like). But, before the night came, I went back to the hotel because I scared of people during the night ( I read some bad reviews travel during night here so I can't take risks on this). During this moment, my wondering moment, I see my potential, know who am I and really know what I really want and like in my life.
5. Always trust you instinct.
Whenever I went travel, I always trust my instinct especially whenever to some places that look like something else and when this come in my heart, I will pray immediately in my heart and know that God already protect me.

This 3 weeks is amazing and awesome but I realized that, it will be more awesome when you share it with your people, you know what I mean. After check out from hotel, I ate my lunch and then I went to airport. As per usual, wait for awhile at airport. I can't wait to be home this time..haha.And, as per usual, more skies photos and some view from hotel to airport.
One of my favorite in this life is see the beautiful skies.

This is how Phnom Penh Airport look like.

The views along from hotel to airport. This humble country remind myself where do I belong and I will never forget about that.

One of view that amazed me.But, I don't to be that lady.

Before I end my travel diary in Cambodia, I wanna share some piece of advice.
Go travel while you're young, don't worry, you can make it work.
For me personally, experience is more valuable than money and honestly, I wanna live my life by travel around the world, life like nomad and see beautiful cities and beautiful creation of God.But,I need to be realistic.
I have my parents that working hard for me to make me live in this kind of life.So, I need to try to give them a better life.
But, if the chance come, I will definitely go for it!

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Finally, thanks for visit my blog and I hope you enjoy it.
If you have any to say, please do drop your comment on comment below.

Thanks and God bless you,

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