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[Travel] Hobbiton Movie Set Tour - Eyes full of wonder


Hi there!
I think this is most excited entry I write so far.So, here is the diary of Hobbitan Movie set Tour.
I woke up very early today,can you believe I woke up at 5am?
But, it’s worth it because I got to see the nice view like below.
Sometime I take this for granted, its easy to see the sunrise, sunset or blue skies.
I went wait for my bus at 0745am and yes, its on time! So, I went to Matamata ( the area where the Hobbitan movie set takes place). Its took 3hours plus from Auckland to Matamata. But, I feel its not long because I’m too excited to see the skies and of course to see the real Hobbitan movie set. I am not avid fan of Hobbit movie but I did watch it couple times because I love the view and today, I’m going to see it with my own eyes. How excited is that?
Okay, below are the details of this tour.
How to get there?
If you depart from Auckland, you can go buy the tour package at below address:
Intercity, Hubson street.

Tips : The landmark is Sky City and St Andrew , Econo Lodge Hotel
How much the cost?
Total is 142NZD ( around RM400 something), I know its expensive! But, there alternative for budget traveler.
1) Buy the bus ticket to Hamilton > Matamata
2) Buy the ticket at i-centre at Matamata
3) Go for tours
Tips : If you want the cheap price, you can buy the bus ticket to Matamata exclude the tour package.
How long it takes?
If you from Auckland, it will takes 3hours +
If you from Hamilton, it will takes 1hour +
Tips : Always refer to the bus driver before enter the bus.
What can you expect to this tour?
Basically, the tour is all about taking about Hobbitan movies, if you never watch the movie, you feel like nothing interesting but if you watch it then its pretty interesting and you finally have clear imagination about the movie.
In style wise, in case you went during fall or winter, wear the thick clothes, don’t forget to bring umbrella or cap.
Tips : Take a lot of photo during the journey.
What’s my opinion about this tour?
My personal opinion about this tour is I totally love this tour as I already watch the movie. So, in case of want to visit here, please watch the movie first and you’ll excited to see the real movie set.
The best part is coming now. Here is some photo from there.
Here is the photo I took from the bus.
WARNING! This going to be very long post, more photos.

When you visit Hobbitan Movie set, you will stop here first and get the ticket from this unique house, they called it i-site. I just show them my receipt and they hand out the ticket for me.Then, I need to wait for few minutes, waiting for the special bus to come.

Here is the bus. I am excited!

The view along the way, awesome!!!

Welcome to Hobbiton!

I drink this one..ahahhaa

Selfie is must..ahahha

Enough with my photo for now, lets see the view again.

I definitely will come back for my vacation someday with someone. I will never come alone again because this beautiful country is worth it to visit with someone that matter to you. I come for work this time but next time, I will come for my vacation just like my new friend, Po Yee did! I remember you Po Yee! J
Thanks for visit and read my blog post.I hope you like it and enjoy it! Thanks again  and have a great day!



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