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[Travel] : New Zealand 2016 | City full of inspirations


I came to Auckland for work purpose so my working day so not much thing to explore except when I went to find dinner after work.But, I'm glad my hotel at Auckland downtown so its easy for me to explore the city a bit. For me, this city is full of inspirations especially on their street art and creative poster that I saw everywhere. But, I can't explore deeply due to the weather is quite windy and cool when I came back from work. And, believe or not, I just bring my long cardigan during this travel and its almost winter over here. But, what really surprised me is the people still wearing summer clothes during this kind of weather, wow! I'm impressed! There's not much happening on 1st week because I focused on my work, I'm trying my very best on it.I come here for work so I need to focus on that. I don't want to get tired over personal thing because I can't do my job better when I'm tired. My daily routine is wake up(the hardest one because its cold), prepare go to work, eat breakfast, and walking go to work ( I need to climb Queen Street hills,oh God! everyday)  but not complaining because I can exercised..ahahha. But, I won't disappointing you guys about my 1st week. I did took photos.

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