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[Travel] : New Zealand 2016 | I will be home for few hours


25 March 2016
Today is my last day in Auckland. As per usual, its really hard to say goodbye to something that I really love. I want to stay longer or if possible, I want to stay here and never come back but I still have my commiments and my people in Malaysia so I need to go back there.But, for now, let's say goodbye and see you next time.
Here is one of Auckland airport view, I'm too sleepy to take photos this time.Can you imagine that, my flight is 0430am, I need to check in around 1am, my body and soul is sleepy. That red chairs, that's where I slept for 30 minutes.Its not comfortable for sure so I moved to other gray couch and sleep for 1hour there.Then, when the announcement about my flight, I walk to the gate with my super sleepy face and my body is really hard to move but I need to move to be home.
Before touchdown in Malaysia, I saw this on my flight window. I'm overly excited like a little girl because I feel like I see the real snow..ahahha
 And, as per usual, the skies view never fail to amazed me! This make me wanna fly everywhere in the world because I want to see this kind of skies from my flight window. The view is always breathtaking and I really love it!
I wake up and see this view first.
Slowly its started to look like this.
Then, after awhile, its started to change to amazing is that,right?

 I can talk about how beautiful is the skies for whole day.But, there a lot of story I need to tell here.
New Zealand really captured my heart this time.When my first time visit here, I don't have chance to visit other places than Auckland downtown. This time, I have my weekend so I can go somewhere else other than Auckland downtown.Along the journey to countryside,the view is really amazing and make me cry. I love mountains and skies so much and this country offer me more than I expect, the mountains and skies look so beautiful.

If something wrong happen to me in Malaysia, I want to buy one way ticket to New Zealand and explore this country as much as I can.I want to see and capture the breathtaking view and wake up every morning and see the beautiful mountain and breath the fresh air.You can called me crazy because of this, seems like I want to be somewhere by myself forever right? hahhaa.
 I never think to settle down with anybody except if that somebody really understand what I really want in my life. I know its really hard to find somebody like that so as for now, I will enjoy by myself.
I'm firm believer in quotes " No one can make you happy than yourself".

To be happy, you need to choose to be happy at first place. Never forget God is everything.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
I hope you enjoy it!


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