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Travel : New Zealand Day 1 | Beautiful Skies


12 March 2016 (Saturday)

I used to complain about my 2hours+ flight from my hometown (Bintulu) to Kuala Lumpur but I never thought that I will experience very long flight. So, again..another long hourflight! It took 10hours+ from Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) to Auckland,New Zealand. I think I started to get used to this now. My longest flight ever was when I traveled to UK last year, its 13 hours.What I usually do in flight is SLEEP! I rarely watch movie because I like sleep even though its not so comfortable but at least I can close my eyes and not think of anything and I feel like the time passed so fast when I slept.
Tips: Before you travel long hour flight, I suggest you to do some exercise or tiring activity one day before(I'm not sure if this work for you, personally its work for me) and try to adjust your sleep time.Example, if you travel west, sleep late and vice versa.

One thing that I will never want to missed when traveled is see the skies from above or see the beautiful skies from different view. I love to see the skies transition whenever I'm on board. I always wonder, what the view pilot seen? They must be seen awesome view than mine.
The positive side of long hour flight is I can see the sunrise and sunset and captured the photos as per usual. I love to see the different skies color in few minutes.So, here is beautiful skies transition.

13 March 2016 (Sunday) 

I touch down in Auckland airpo around 2pm. I need to go through Immigration and waiting for my luggage as per usual. Its tiring process but I need to follow the rules. I finished all the airport thing around 3pm and I directly go find taxi to my hotel ( downtown) because I'm really tired and sleepy. If I traveled for vacation, I will choose public transport but since I traveled for work, so I ride the taxi.What I love traveled to another country is I love to see different kind of skies, different kind of people and breath the different kind of air because I feel like New Zealand have the clean air ever. I love here.So, here is my super tired face. I captured this selfie while on lift because I'm surprised to see my super tired eyes..ahaha.

That's how the first day in Auckland goes.

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