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[Sydney,Australia] Sydney,Australia 2016


Hi, everyone!
I'm back from my 'on leave’ from KERIITLETO.COM. I’m sorry for not posting anything last week. I wasn’t preparing for my unexpected business trip to Sydney for my main job.
And, I'm sorry for not posting this post as soon as I arrived home. I was busy with my part time job as Photographer. I love this busy life but sometimes, I feel super tired, but I'm okay because all these make me happier.
This is my second time to Sydney and my first time was back in 2013. I glad I can go back to down under again because I love the weather and the skies look even better than what I used to see.So, here am I again to share my Sydney, Australia experience. 

Hello again! Sydney, Australia

This view never fails me.
I love how skies  look different every time I opened my eyes. During this time, I sit beside the Australian man. He is very inspiring.And, he even wished I will get marry with someone that love travel so I will not travel alone anymore(thanks man!).

Jet lagged!
For the first day here, I went to work and  after work, I didn't go anywhere because I'm not feeling very well. I always like this whenever I travel abroad. I'm jet lagged. I went straight to my bed and sleep after eating my panadol.

New things
My second day here and my first bus ride after so long.I even feel nervous to press the bell..ahhaha.It funny!
Lunch with my Australian colleagues at this classic red and black cafe. I ate the Italian food with them and cafe' latte and delicious cookies for the desserts.
I love the red and black theme such a classic right?

After work, my colleagues takes me to one nearby park. We just walking and talking. Its nice to do this with new person because you never get bored of their story and most important thing was I can see the sunset and the changes of skies. Love it! 
So, here is some view from the park.

I very suprised to see this 'puik buan susu' / bottle washer here.

The BBQ places. I hope I can find something like this here but seems no available.
My happy face after see the sunset and breath some fresh air.
After walking, we went for dinner at Rhodes Shopping mall. Actually, I tried to not visit shopping mall whenever I'm abroad because, for me, every shopping mall is same all over the world but we came here for our dinner.
This is sparkling mineral water.
I ate salad.. its yummy but the portion is too big.

Thanks God I found you!
The bright day as per usual and I think even better today because I feel good inside. I love the morning skies over here. Its super blue and the weather is just nice.This is where I waiting for the bus every morning I'm here.
After work, my colleagues again bring me around and this time, quite far from where I stayed. The first places was Governor Phillip Lookout. From here, you can see Sydney from above but the day I went here, the skies not so clear.But, I glad I can make it here.
The view from Governor Phillip lookout.

And, for the first time everrr... I visit Bondi Beach and Manly Wharf  area. I'm so excited!
When I see this view, I feel soo excited! I always imagine to see this view with my own eyes. Thanks, everyone especially Joe for making my dream come true! I am grateful!
The pool by the sea is real!hahahhaa

The view is just amazed me! I can't believe what I saw here.
I'm not really know how to take a picture whenever with someone that I not used too..hahhaa but you know me.

But, I did my best!

My overly excited face. I jumping like crazy here and I'm very excited to see the view and breath the sea air(even though its feel a bit salty but I'm fine)
I'm so grateful of this moment in my life. I even wished I will come here someday with someone that I love the most and someone that always respect in my life. I want to see this world with you.

I can't takes my eyes off from this view.If I alone, I might be cried like a heartbroken girl here, not because I'm sad but I'm happiest!

Then, after the beach time, I glad I can make it to see Sydney city from other side during the night time.

See the moon at Bondi beach
Ate our dinner around here.
The real pizza ever I ate in my life.

Thank you friends!
When morning comes, its coffee time!

After work, after our last dinner, my colleagues bring me over here. I'm speechless because this view is breathtaking and I jumped like crazy and say " I will come here during day time someday"..hahahaa but I'm grateful for this!

Its hard to say goodbye when you in love.

I'm so in love with this country.When the first I came here, I was heartbroken girl but now, I'm not! I'm survived that tough moment and I'm ready to face the brand new day.
I bought my lunch here, just nearby our office.
For my last day, I ate my lunch here at this park.
The weather just nice and I'm having a great lunch.
This photo was taken using Sony Z2, my skin look super smooth..ahhaa

As per usual, thank you very much for visit and read my blog until the end.
I'm sorry for not really know how to translate my excitement and grateful heart on this post. I hope you like the photos and I'm super grateful for this moment in my life and I'm thankful for everything that I had this moment. What I learned from this trip is God is always there for you in every situation, don't worry!
Believe in yourself and be adventurous!
On side note, I'm so happy about this trip because its make my heart wanna explode..hahaha

Thanks again and God bless you!

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