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[outfit]: I've fallen for you


Hi there! Happy Monday!
Yeah! Finally I can make entry about outfit for this month. I can't believe I do this once a month now..woah!I used to post outfit diary every week but I rarely do it now and that make me feel a little sad but on bright side, I'm happy with my life..everyday!
I never expect my life will be busier and different this year. I thought everything will be remain the same.But, its not! there big change happening in my life now. I love that change because its make me feel happier and surreal everyday!
Okay, for my outfit today, I pairing different color with my usual outfit color.
If you follow me on Instagram (@keriitleto), then you already know, I like white, black and light blue so much and most of my outfit is that color, its my usual color but for today I want to wear different color so I pairing my white shirt and light pink skirt. I really love this white shirt because its super comfy and I feel chic whenever wear it.As for my light pink skirt, I rarely wore this skirt because it showing how fat I am..ahaha but today, I give it chance and just wear it! and its not feel bad at all. I mean, I'm not feeling fat.haha
I add my red little bag to make my outfit brighter a little bit.
 Its time for me to having fun. I really miss to do this, try my best pose and laugh at myself because its look silly do this in front of many people.
I'm so happy that I've fallen for you.
When you like what you wear, you will feel good inside and that's will shown outside.
Wear something that make you feel good and be good!

You can't predict what happen in future,
but you can create it and don't forget to pray to make it really happen!
I'm out of pose idea now, so lets do this pose.

Thank you for visit my blog!
I'm so sorry for MIA always, I hope I will not do that after this because I'm currently working on my plan how to keep post good entry my blog post even though I'm busy with my main job. Wish me luck!

Have a great week ahead.


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