[New Zealand] New Zealand 2016 Diary

04 April 2016

Hi there,
How are you?
I am so sorry for not update my blog lately. I been traveled for almost a month for my work and my personal vacation. I can say that, March 2016 is one of crazy month in my life so far but I love it.I’m so thankful for my current job because of it, I can travel to some countries that I put on my wish list, I'm forever grateful!
Maybe some of you wondering, what’s is my job?Why do I travel so much? I worked as Design Engineer for one Japanese company(you can see this company everywhere) and my job required me to do some field work at different country so that why I travel a lot.
Without further due, here is my New Zealand 2016 diary.

Note: Click on the photos to read more.

If you want to check the full diary, you can click on the photos.

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