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[travel] 5 traditional Kenyah foods MUST TRY in Kg.Data Kakus

Hi there!
I knew the KEBANA 2016 already started now and everyone is back to Kg.Data Kakus but its okay, I will share the last series of #kebana2016 special post today. Its all about food, Kenyah traditional foods. Who doesn't love food here? Everybody love food right? So, here I will introduce a different kind of food for everyone. No matter where I went, I always craving for all these, I am Kenyah girl after all, never forget the taste of food that I used to eat. Without further due, here I share 5 must try Kenyah food. All these based on common menu that I saw when I going back home or even Christmas time.
Get ready to feel hungry.
1.Tung Ubi

If you truly Kenyah people then you must know this very well. I personally love this. These dishes is very simple yet delicious. I've some story regarding this favourite dishes.During my high school in Belaga, before I went to the boarding school,this is one of the food must wonderful is that. I can eat my mum's cooking everytime.

2. Anye
There's two type of this dishes. If we fried it, we called it "Anye" and if we make it like a soup, we called it "Bung kampung". Both recipes is delicious. Personally, I prefer the anye and eat it with tung ubi and my next favourite.

3.Lia Akau

I can't really eat spicy food but except this one. I must eat it even though its super spicy. I just love it. Oh my..

4.Tun atuk
One of the best in the world especially when we eat with people that we loved. Oh god! I just love tun atuk.


This is must eat whenever you are in Data Kakus. Eat with tung ubi and lia akau.

Before I end this post, I want to show you one of my favorite food, its bampu. Have you try this?

Thank You so much for visit and read my blog!
And, I can't wait to reveal the big news tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

Thank You!


[outfit] If you want something,you have to earnnnn it!

Happy Monday!
How are you doing? I hope you doing great on Monday! And, in two days, we will welcome June 2016, oh wow!! And, there will be one BIG announcement on on 1st June 2016, so don't forget to visit again ya.
Growing up as a kampung(rural) girl that love fashion is an impossible dream. As you may know, there's no fashion in our kampung(rural area). We wear what we got and never have too many clothes. I remember when Christmas time come, I used to get my sister's dress, meaning we passed down the dress.And, I love it even though I know, it's my sister's previously but there's time, I will get angry because I thought my parent does not love me, so they won't buy me a new dress. As I get older, I more realised that's the best they can do to save money for other important things like education and food.
Now, I have a job, make my own money, and not have to ask for things from my parent, its was so satisfying.I can buy what I want and eat what I want. If you want something, you have to earn it! Nothing comes easy.I've so much dreams in my mind but I know, it just a dream when I'm not working to earn it!
For my outfit Sunday, I wore my striped skirt that I abandoned for quite a long time due to zipper problem but she makes come back today with my bell ring blouse.

The moment I saw these bell ring blouse I knew that she will be mine.And, surprisingly, the price is totally unexpected!! And, I ended up buying 2 colour ( black and white as per usual).

And, today also temporary goodbye for my dear friend, Audrey Ping. After hearing her story this morning, I feel really blessed and I knew that, God never ignore your prayers.All you need to do is keep pray, do appropriate action and be patient. Never lose hope in any situation, God will always be there.
To Ping, if you ever read this, I want to say Thank You so much for being a good friend of mine for this past few years and I learned a lot from you ( even though I'm older than you) especially in my relationship with God and people around me.Thank You so much for your encourage words and positive messages every time. I hope you will have a blessed journey and wonderful life in Sarawak. See you anytime soon.

Before I end this post, thank you so much for visit and read my blog.
And, don't forget to check out my blog on 1 June 2016 for BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

See ya!

God bless you,
Paya Roni.

P.S : Thank you Flo and Brenda for capturing the photos.


[Data Kakus,Sarawak] 5 MUST DO in Kg.Data Kakus

Happy Sunday!
Hope you enjoy your rest time for this moment.
Thanks for click and read my special kind of post. I make special post regarding my village because tomorrow will be start of KEBANA festival. If you do not what is KEBANA, you can visit my introduction of KEBANA here.
Without further due, let's check out what you can do in Kg.Data Kakus.


[Data Kakus,Sarawak] How to go to Kg.Data Kakus

Hi there!
I’m quite excited to write about this post because its related to something that closed to my heart.
It’s my one and only place, Kg.Data Kakus. This is the place I growing up and my first education was here.
I’m very proud to let people know that I’m from Kg.Data Kakus because that’s me! The real me.
So, without further due, here is the direction how to go to this lovely place.


[Data Kakus,Sarawak] Kebana festival 2016

Happy Friday!
Or Selamat tau kelema.
Tuwi ake' ke nyorat dalem bahasa kenyah, ten pengencam ek ading.
Ading-ading, ake' ti selamat petegu ka dalem blog ek ca liwai la a. Oka em mading taan blog ek, Hi!Selamat petegu. Kena re, nengayet teka ek ka oyan dalem isu olang uti, apan tai mencam mana le.Un tepe tuwi de', ake' kelu ka nyorat dalem bahasa kenyah oban ek kelu ka pelaku ca an an le. Ikem pe lepa tisen banik, jan ne KEBANA FESTIVAL 2016.
Ake' rasa mung tepat KENYAH BADENG lepa tisen u KEBANA ji.Pala' tepat de nta kumin tisen, ake' un meta maklumat keriut neng KEBANA ji.


[outfit] You belong wherever you want to belong

Happy Tuesday!
I skipped my outfit diary yesterday due to tiredness. I'm sorry! My last weekend was blast and I'm thanks God for the opportunity to learn something that will be useful in my life.
  Life is about learning, never stop learn.
For this week outfit, its special because I wear special t-shirt that I bought from the conference last weekend. In case you wondering, what conference did I attend? Its Super Natural Radical Leader ( its Youth Ministry leader conference).

I love the stage!! 

With my cousin, Mary( She very talented in singing)
The SIB Cheras family
And, one gosh man!!ahahhaha..

Thank You for visit and read my blog.

God bless you,
Paya from

[outfit] You're the best I can ask for

Hi everyone!
For the second outfit photos this week, I'm wearing my two favourites this moment. The first one is my go to shirt, this white t-shirt from Uniqlo is a perfect match for everything and I just love how flowy and comfy the shirt. The second items are the super comfy pants from Brands Outlet. This pant is so comfortable especially for me that getting bigger and bigger each day.I give super love for this two items.
Since its super hot in Malaysia, so I always prefer wearing a white shirt so it will absorb the hot feeling(hehe). I wear this outfit for my friend's convocation day. I knew that,this white shirt and this super comfy pants will be the perfect combo. Yes, I always right when came to outfits.

Don't forget to head up and see the beautiful things.
The overused statement necklace always make me feel so stylish whenever wear this white shirt.

Here is our fun photos for my friend's convocation day.

Today date is the date that I wanted to remember in my life.

Thank you very much for visit and read my blog.

Aya from


[Inspiring story] KERIITLETO,YOU CAN DO IT!

Hello there!
How you doing?
I hope you doing great! As for me, I’m doing great as always,
Thank you God for giving me positive heart every day and thanks to people that’s make me happy, I’m glad that I met you guys in my life.
As I promised on my Instagram (@keriitleto), I will share special post this week and here it is.This post was inspired from my friend's convocation day last Saturday. Seeing her smile and her family happy smile make me having major throwback on my convocation in 2011. 
Before that, CONGRATULATIONS to you,Cath! You made it!! God bless you and your family always.
This simple words " YOU CAN DO IT!" really make me move forward.Without saying this simple words to myself everyday, I know, I can't 'get out' from the usual life of Kenyah girl ( don’t judge me for saying this). From my personal persepective, the usual kind of life of keriitleto is after SPM(national exam), some keriitleto will get married,I'm not saying this is not good but, in my personal opinion, I feel like it totally waste, because your parents work really harder for your education/future but you ended up get married. I know, you must have dream too and you can achieve that's dreams. For me, as a new generation of KENYAH GIRLS,I think we can do more than just get married after SPM. 
I write this post to encourage KERIITLETOs out there to not scared to dream for their own life. You can do it as other's girls in the world.Don't scared to chase your dream, work harder to achieve it, there's no easy way to make it come true but you can do it. Never give up!

 To KERIITLETO( Students), 
Always make God is first( you know what I'm saying right?).
But, don't just pray but you need to study smart in your studies. Take care of yourself well, don't always eat instant noodles, eat proper food.During this stage of life, do your best because what you did and decide today, it will be affect your own future. During this time, try to figure out what you love the most in your life by try as many good things and don't anti social, make friends and memories ( in real world not in Social Media).Get out and have a good time ( in a good way,don't do something that not so good for your life, be a good human!).
Regarding love matter, I know, this time you will experience the sweet of love.But, never forget your goals in your study and don't forget LOVE YOURSELF first!You can have a boyfriend/girlfriend during this stage of life but don't just love because everyone doing it but love sincerely because you'll need a little effort and invest on your precious time.In my personal opinion, stay single during study time is awesome, you can be friends and do whatever you want.

To KERIITLETO ( Working lady)
Same as above, always put God is first.
Never ever forget where are you come from, your parent’s hardworking that’s make you come to this level of life.
Never stop dreaming and working for it every day.
When you got the money, don’t ever forget to give your best to God.
Be someone that can help people but don’t forget to take care of yourself too.There's time to say NO.

To KERIITLETO ( Mummies)
You ladies is the best! 
You ladies is the one that continue our KENYAH generations, you should be proud of yourself. 
I never experience how to be mummy and wife but I know you can do it! 
When there hardest time, try to endure it and never give up and never forget God is always be there for you.
Take care of yourself and teach our next generation the best value in life, don’t show the bad habit like selfie every time and always with smartphone. Give them a real life lesson and always bring them to enjoy life.Enjoy the moment and be happy!

Last but not least,
KERIITLETO,no matter what your status, your background or anything, you will be always keriitleto to your parents and to me in, we once as  a keriitleto and we will be keriitleto forever.
Don’t ever give up in anything you do,
Don’t always compare your life with anybody because that’s her journey is different than yours, you don't know what's her ups and downs.
No matter what you want to do in your life,you can do it!

And enjoy the photos below and my major throwback on my convocation day!

Here is the younger version of me, I'm 23 years old when my first convocation day.
#majorthrowback, my nervous face and look at that super rings..haha, I can't believe I'm wearing that on my convocation day.
The moment that's I always waiting for, to get this and again, big earrings..haha
How's my walking over here? haha, I can't stopped laughing at my photos now.
Last but not least, photo with my family that work hard and pray harder for me.
Thank you everyone!

Finally, thank you for reading and I hope this post inspired you.
I want to take this chance to say THANK YOU for everyone that pray for me and I will try my best to giving back to my family and Kenyah Badeng community.

Thank you.


[outfit] One evening in KLCC

Happy Monday everyone!
As per usual, here is my outfit Sunday. I wore all black. This outfit is super simple and easy. At first, I wore the choker and my flat shoes but due to rainy day so I changed it to flip flop, so I can walk easily and my shoes is safe!
A little story about my yesterday, its not so good day for me as my car( Oppa) went something wrong, the break seems not working and its heavily rain too in KLCC park. I went to KLCC because my friend's family want to take photos over there.But, we're not so lucky because heavily raining while we in KLCC, we ended up waiting for rain to stop in 'pondok' and I'm feel bad for my friend's family because they can't really have a good time here.


Thank you for visit and read my blog.
See you next time.