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[Inspiring story] KERIITLETO,YOU CAN DO IT!


Hello there!
How you doing?
I hope you doing great! As for me, I’m doing great as always,
Thank you God for giving me positive heart every day and thanks to people that’s make me happy, I’m glad that I met you guys in my life.
As I promised on my Instagram (@keriitleto), I will share special post this week and here it is.This post was inspired from my friend's convocation day last Saturday. Seeing her smile and her family happy smile make me having major throwback on my convocation in 2011. 
Before that, CONGRATULATIONS to you,Cath! You made it!! God bless you and your family always.
This simple words " YOU CAN DO IT!" really make me move forward.Without saying this simple words to myself everyday, I know, I can't 'get out' from the usual life of Kenyah girl ( don’t judge me for saying this). From my personal persepective, the usual kind of life of keriitleto is after SPM(national exam), some keriitleto will get married,I'm not saying this is not good but, in my personal opinion, I feel like it totally waste, because your parents work really harder for your education/future but you ended up get married. I know, you must have dream too and you can achieve that's dreams. For me, as a new generation of KENYAH GIRLS,I think we can do more than just get married after SPM. 
I write this post to encourage KERIITLETOs out there to not scared to dream for their own life. You can do it as other's girls in the world.Don't scared to chase your dream, work harder to achieve it, there's no easy way to make it come true but you can do it. Never give up!

 To KERIITLETO( Students), 
Always make God is first( you know what I'm saying right?).
But, don't just pray but you need to study smart in your studies. Take care of yourself well, don't always eat instant noodles, eat proper food.During this stage of life, do your best because what you did and decide today, it will be affect your own future. During this time, try to figure out what you love the most in your life by try as many good things and don't anti social, make friends and memories ( in real world not in Social Media).Get out and have a good time ( in a good way,don't do something that not so good for your life, be a good human!).
Regarding love matter, I know, this time you will experience the sweet of love.But, never forget your goals in your study and don't forget LOVE YOURSELF first!You can have a boyfriend/girlfriend during this stage of life but don't just love because everyone doing it but love sincerely because you'll need a little effort and invest on your precious time.In my personal opinion, stay single during study time is awesome, you can be friends and do whatever you want.

To KERIITLETO ( Working lady)
Same as above, always put God is first.
Never ever forget where are you come from, your parent’s hardworking that’s make you come to this level of life.
Never stop dreaming and working for it every day.
When you got the money, don’t ever forget to give your best to God.
Be someone that can help people but don’t forget to take care of yourself too.There's time to say NO.

To KERIITLETO ( Mummies)
You ladies is the best! 
You ladies is the one that continue our KENYAH generations, you should be proud of yourself. 
I never experience how to be mummy and wife but I know you can do it! 
When there hardest time, try to endure it and never give up and never forget God is always be there for you.
Take care of yourself and teach our next generation the best value in life, don’t show the bad habit like selfie every time and always with smartphone. Give them a real life lesson and always bring them to enjoy life.Enjoy the moment and be happy!

Last but not least,
KERIITLETO,no matter what your status, your background or anything, you will be always keriitleto to your parents and to me in, we once as  a keriitleto and we will be keriitleto forever.
Don’t ever give up in anything you do,
Don’t always compare your life with anybody because that’s her journey is different than yours, you don't know what's her ups and downs.
No matter what you want to do in your life,you can do it!

And enjoy the photos below and my major throwback on my convocation day!

Here is the younger version of me, I'm 23 years old when my first convocation day.
#majorthrowback, my nervous face and look at that super rings..haha, I can't believe I'm wearing that on my convocation day.
The moment that's I always waiting for, to get this and again, big earrings..haha
How's my walking over here? haha, I can't stopped laughing at my photos now.
Last but not least, photo with my family that work hard and pray harder for me.
Thank you everyone!

Finally, thank you for reading and I hope this post inspired you.
I want to take this chance to say THANK YOU for everyone that pray for me and I will try my best to giving back to my family and Kenyah Badeng community.

Thank you.


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    1. Hi Ase,
      Tega tawai, hope it inspired you.

      Paya from


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