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[outfit] His plan is better than mine

01 May 2016

Happy Tuesday everyone!
How's your holiday or weekend? 
I hope you have a great one.As for me, I'm having a great time with my local church community, we went to Orang Asli village to celebrated Family day and Labor day too.Usually when come this kind of event, I will become the photographer but this time I'm trying something different,I'm not holding my camera but I become helper in the kitchen(don't laugh at me when read this Sissy), I'm trying my best to learn to cook or get familiar with cooking so I will not feel so awkward in future.Okay, I think we better stop talk about the cooking stuff because you will definitely laugh at me.
I welcoming May 2016 by wore this white dress and its appropriate for celebrate Labor day too.!
I bought this dress in 2014 or early 2015, I don't really remember when my work-cation in Vietnam and one funny fact about this dress is I bought it and not try it first and when I try it in Malaysia, it can't fit me very well especially the arm area and sometime I can't zipped up. Suprisely, this year when I tried again, I can easily wear it and I feel so comfortable, yeah! Am I losing weight?haha.
Enjoy the special photos.
I'm trying my best to look confident on my photos..ahhaa
 Chin up lady!hahhaa
This week outfit shoot is very special for KERIITLETO.COM because it was taken by someone that have special space in my heart. I never thought this will happen this year but its happening!hahaha.. thanks God!
This is our first outfit shoot together so I feel awkward..ahhaa but I'm trying my best!
Sometime my hand is not in good position, always moving..ahhaaa
Sometime I feel I wanna walk and stop from taking photos, but I can't help myself for doing silly pose, I just being myself.
But, above all, I'm happy for his support for my dream, my crazy dream to be specific.
Everyday I feel thankful for having someone that I can tell my dreams and share our opinions before anything. I didn't see this coming this year but I know, God's plan is better than mine.

Thank you very much for visit and read my blog.
Before I end this post, I wanna share my favorites qoutes;
"Nothing is impossible in God"


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