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[outfit] I remember the day I pray for what I have now

09 May 2016

Happy Monday!
How are you so far? I hope there no Monday blues.
As per usual, here is my Sunday outfit diary.I wore the long denim skirt and the grey shirt, I love simple and easy outfit nowadays and you can expect what color I will wear too. And, after for so long, I wore this blue high heels and my feet hurt so much, this makes me love sneakers more.
And as per usual, my post title is not match with my outfit again. I'm sorry!
I feel I want to share about this topic.
As you may know, I'm from countryside( we called it kampung girl) so the only way to get out from where I lived is study hard so I will have a better life. The journey is not easy as I thought, my parents and my siblings really support me and work hard.And, I will never forget some relatives that's super supportive, I really appreciate it.
During that moment, the only weapon that I have is prayers.
I prayed that I will be successful in my life.
I prayed that I will travel around the world.
I prayed that I will be live in the main city.
I prayed that I will meet wonderful persons.
Fast forward today ( 8.5.2016), I'm feel thankful because I'm living my dream life but I'm still working harder to successful life ( I have my own definition of succesful life), I met wonderful persons and I traveled to some countries that I always dream to go.
I'm thankful for everything!

Special appearance on my blog today. Say Hi to Marty! 
She is one of our JFC (Jesus Freak Culture) members in SIB Cheras Youth community.
Thank you! Marty, for helping me taking photos/outfit photos today. I really appreciate it.Thank you so much!
Happy Monday everyone!

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