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[outfit] If you want something,you have to earnnnn it!

Happy Monday!
How are you doing? I hope you doing great on Monday! And, in two days, we will welcome June 2016, oh wow!! And, there will be one BIG announcement on www.keriitleto.com on 1st June 2016, so don't forget to visit again ya.
Growing up as a kampung(rural) girl that love fashion is an impossible dream. As you may know, there's no fashion in our kampung(rural area). We wear what we got and never have too many clothes. I remember when Christmas time come, I used to get my sister's dress, meaning we passed down the dress.And, I love it even though I know, it's my sister's previously but there's time, I will get angry because I thought my parent does not love me, so they won't buy me a new dress. As I get older, I more realised that's the best they can do to save money for other important things like education and food.
Now, I have a job, make my own money, and not have to ask for things from my parent, its was so satisfying.I can buy what I want and eat what I want. If you want something, you have to earn it! Nothing comes easy.I've so much dreams in my mind but I know, it just a dream when I'm not working to earn it!
For my outfit Sunday, I wore my striped skirt that I abandoned for quite a long time due to zipper problem but she makes come back today with my bell ring blouse.

The moment I saw these bell ring blouse I knew that she will be mine.And, surprisingly, the price is totally unexpected!! And, I ended up buying 2 colour ( black and white as per usual).

And, today also temporary goodbye for my dear friend, Audrey Ping. After hearing her story this morning, I feel really blessed and I knew that, God never ignore your prayers.All you need to do is keep pray, do appropriate action and be patient. Never lose hope in any situation, God will always be there.
To Ping, if you ever read this, I want to say Thank You so much for being a good friend of mine for this past few years and I learned a lot from you ( even though I'm older than you) especially in my relationship with God and people around me.Thank You so much for your encourage words and positive messages every time. I hope you will have a blessed journey and wonderful life in Sarawak. See you anytime soon.

Before I end this post, thank you so much for visit and read my blog.
And, don't forget to check out my blog on 1 June 2016 for BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

See ya!

God bless you,
Paya Roni.

P.S : Thank you Flo and Brenda for capturing the photos.

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