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[Outfit] Now is the new later


Hi there~
Another outfit diary this week. This is my last Saturday outfit. My usual colour and plain again. I hope you guys do not feel boring to see this type of style. I didn't remember when the last time I wore something that has busy pattern like flowery. I just love plain clothes.
As per usual, my post title does not match with what I wore again. I feel like want to share about this topic today.
"Now is the new later"
Living in the city this past 5 year makes me feel everything need to be done NOW, move fast and do more.Grown up as "kampung girl" make me feel unusual of this pattern of life. My previous life pattern is quite and take it easy. I do not hate it but sometimes I feel like I can't breathe properly because I want everything to be done at once.
I want to go travel all the time,
I want to be with people that I love every time,
I want to work on my dream every day and never stop.
But, I just have one body, I will never can't do everything once.
I will get tired and drained sometimes.
I love the idea of now is the new later because I will never wish but make it happen. I'm "make it happen" kind of girl. If I want to do something, I will do it!

Thanks to Sis Jue for taking my outfit photos last Saturday while MM busy help her with her car.For me, outfit diary photos is anytime and anywhere.
I feel I'm the happiest person whenever I do this silly stuff.

Due to heavily raining, so I switch my shoes to my trusty flip flop that I bought in Cambodia.
Oh ya..
Just want to share few photos of my Saturday outing with my friend,Jue and MM.
Have Starbuck during rainy day is the best!
Here is our Youth community in our church.
Last but not least, I ate Mee Kolok..yeah!

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
Have a great day!


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