[travel] 5 traditional Kenyah foods MUST TRY in Kg.Data Kakus

31 May 2016

Hi there!
I knew the KEBANA 2016 already started now and everyone is back to Kg.Data Kakus but its okay, I will share the last series of #kebana2016 special post today. Its all about food, Kenyah traditional foods. Who doesn't love food here? Everybody love food right? So, here I will introduce a different kind of food for everyone. No matter where I went, I always craving for all these, I am Kenyah girl after all, never forget the taste of food that I used to eat. Without further due, here I share 5 must try Kenyah food. All these based on common menu that I saw when I going back home or even Christmas time.
Get ready to feel hungry.
1.Tung Ubi

If you truly Kenyah people then you must know this very well. I personally love this. These dishes is very simple yet delicious. I've some story regarding this favourite dishes.During my high school in Belaga, before I went to the boarding school,this is one of the food must wonderful is that. I can eat my mum's cooking everytime.

2. Anye
There's two type of this dishes. If we fried it, we called it "Anye" and if we make it like a soup, we called it "Bung kampung". Both recipes is delicious. Personally, I prefer the anye and eat it with tung ubi and my next favourite.

3.Lia Akau

I can't really eat spicy food but except this one. I must eat it even though its super spicy. I just love it. Oh my..

4.Tun atuk
One of the best in the world especially when we eat with people that we loved. Oh god! I just love tun atuk.


This is must eat whenever you are in Data Kakus. Eat with tung ubi and lia akau.

Before I end this post, I want to show you one of my favorite food, its bampu. Have you try this?

Thank You so much for visit and read my blog!
And, I can't wait to reveal the big news tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

Thank You!


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  2. Hi, do u have the ingredients of tung ubi

  3. and the process of making tung ubi


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