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[Travel] Cambodia Budget & Itinerary

12 May 2016

Hi there!
I'm not over my solo travel in Cambodia yet. I really love the experience and I still can't believe I did it. It's still feel surreal! But, I can't always feel that way because I need to look forward to next.
Some of the friends did ask me about my budget and itinerary for this travel. 
So, here it is.
Exchange money
KL – RM500 >> $120
Siem Reap –NZD200 >> $128 (For emergency)
Flight tickets
I bought the flight ticket on January 2016 using my first ever wedding photography salary.
KL > Siem Riep : RM99
Phnom Penh > KL : RM100+
3 star hotel in Siem Riep = $30(RM116.68) 26/3-28/3 ( 3 days 2 nights)
3 hotel in Phnom Penh = $45(RM175.03) 28/3-31/3 ( 4 days 3 nights)
SIM card (10GB) = $20(RM77.79)
RM77.79/ 6 days * This is more than enough.
Daily spending
Siem Reap
26/3 (Saturday)
-Dinner at street = $1.50(RM5.83)
- Adaptor + Ubat gigi + mineral water = RM5
27/3 (Sunday)
Tuk Tuk for 1 day tour = $15(RM58.34)*
- 1 day tour = $20(RM77.79)*
- Breakfast at Angkor Wat = 20,000 + 8,000 (RM19.44+RM7.77) = RM27.21
- Mineral water = 4000(2 bottle) = RM3.88
- Mango slide = $1(RM3.88)
- Tuk tuk for sunset = $5(RM19.44)
- Tuk tuk go to Pub Street = $1(RM3.88)
> Mango = $10(RM38.88)
> Magnet fridge = $5(RM19.44)
> Postcards =$1(RM3.88)
> Eat street food (Belalang goring) = $1(RM3.88)
> Eat Amok for dinner = $5(RM19.44)
> Mineral water = $1(RM3.88)
> Keychains = $5(RM19.44)
28/3/2016 ( Monday)
- Breakfast = $1(RM3.88)
- Bus fee = $8(RM31.11)
- Mango = $1(RM3.88)
- Tuk Tuk to hotel = $4(RM15.55)
Phnom Penh
29/3/2016 (Tuesday)
-Entrance to Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda = $6.5 ( RM25.28)
-Tour guide = $10(RM38.89)
-Breakfast + lunch = $1(RM3.88)
-Entrance to National Museum = $5(RM19.44)
-Pancake at the street = 7000 ( RM6.80)
- Panda Mart = $2.07(RM8.05)
-Bracelet = $1(RM3.88)
-Friends and stuff - $8(RM31.11)
-Panda Mart = $2.90(RM11.28)
30/3/2016 (Wednesday)
-Tuk tuk = $4(RM15.55)
-Street food = 2,000(RM1.94)
- Lunch in KFC = $4.7(RM18.28)
- Monument bookstore Postcard =$2(RM7.78)
> Flip flop =$3(RM11.66)
>Bracelets = $2(RM7.78)
> I love Cambodia shirt(5) + seluar = $23(RM89.47)
>Tuk Tuk = $5(RM15.56)
-Dinner = $3.30(RM12.83)
31/3/2016 (Thursday)
-Breakfast+lunch = $4.50 (RM17.50)
-Tuk tuk to airport = $8 ( RM31.12)
Total spent = RM1116.09
Personally, I feel I spent RM1116.09 for this travel is really worth it but you can do less.


If you want to go for weekend, I really recommend just go to Siem Reap because you can complete the Angkor Tour in one day.
Last but not least,
I hope you feel inspired to travel in your life. I don't know about you but I feel like travel teaches me about so many things start from how to be truly independent, trust yourself and God completely and really know what you want in your life. I know, travel is not easy because its need money and sometimes I don't even have enough money to travel but I set aside some of my income for my travel and I'm blessed I have a job that requires me to travel too.
Advise from me, doesn't feel afraid to travel by yourself. You can do it! and God will be always there, just go!

Thank you very much for reading.
If you have any comment or suggestions, you can always comment or email me (, I will read and reply you.

Thank you again and have a great day!


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    1. You're Welcome and don't forget to check out other country itinerary n budget(coming soon) on travel tab.
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