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[Data Kakus,Sarawak] How to go to Kg.Data Kakus

Hi there!
I’m quite excited to write about this post because its related to something that closed to my heart.
It’s my one and only place, Kg.Data Kakus. This is the place I growing up and my first education was here.
I’m very proud to let people know that I’m from Kg.Data Kakus because that’s me! The real me.
So, without further due, here is the direction how to go to this lovely place.

1)       From West Malaysia
Ø  Take direct flight from KL > BTU
From Bintulu, you can called our transport ( I don't have any transport driver for this moment,I'm sorry!)
Ø  Flight KL > MYY
From Miri, take bus to Bintulu and  called Kakus Transport(I don't have any transport driver for this moment,I'm sorry!)
2)       From Sabah
Ø  Take flight from KK > MYY
From Miri, take bus to Bintulu, then you can called Kakus Transport(I don't have any transport driver for this moment,I'm sorry!).
Ø  Road trip from Sabah > Bintulu ( but not all car can go here, recommended is Hilux).
 3) Within Sarawak
       If you within Sarawak, then just go to Bintulu-Bakun junction and I think there will be someone that familiar with the Kg.Data Kakus with you so he'll know.

I've been travel to some beautiful country but I still feel my village is one of the beautiful places in the world.
So, what you will see in this lovely places?
1)       Beautiful skies view

2)       Great environment

3)       Delicious food

4)       Nice and kind people

5)       Rich of Kenyah Culture

6)       Sunrise and sunset
I don't know about you but I always love sunrise and sunset everywhere I went

I hope this post will inspired you to travel to different kind of places in this world. Not just oversea but in our country.There so many places to see and explore.
I can’t wait for the time come again and explore the world without limit.

If you have any question or additional info, you can comment below.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.

Paya from
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