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Amazing photos of Leto Tiga/Ratu KEBANA 2016


Happy Sunday!
I'm finally back from my one week holiday! It's such a great holiday because I got to meet my parent, my siblings, my nephews, cousins and old friends.
I'm super tired of my journey yesterday and I feel homesick some more ( I can't believe I still homesick even after I'm getting older now). Its hard to have this distance but this what I choose to live in so move on! Okay, I won't talk much about how I missed home now because that will make me cry. I always missed home every time I come back from home, so instead of feeling sad, let's me share something exciting about my holiday.
Last weekend was kind of crazy weekend as I arrived in my village and the KEBANA 2016 already started but I'm lucky because I can see the final match on KEBANA Cup( can we called it cup now?) and the Leto Tiga/Ratu KEBANA 2016. So, without further due, let's enjoy the photos.

Selamat tau minggu pala' tepat mung!
Ya ne kenai ek ulik cung oma' te lepa ngelinik ca minggu! Ate' tega alek tai cuti liwai ji oban okat tegu' we' me redo, pemandik ek, anak-anak aung, seganak ngan toyang-toyang peca!
Ca pe nyara le teka' di ngan bimpin lote ngan ja(bimpin mukun mana du keji). Maan lote' pecuk ngan de ake' mala' dalem udip ji, un tepo ji ne ake' pilih jadi, nta u la. Nta ek oba' ke pisu kaduk neng ja, ya ek nange o. Ji nesik oka ek nai ulik cung oma', bimpin teka le ngimet omak ne. Nta oba' kelesau kelesau, ya ne ka bada gamban dalau ek tai cuti re.
Minggu ja lapa ate' nyara alek oban, abek ka omak, terut pe alak gaban LETO MANAI/RATU KEBANA 2016. Tega ne naat gaban de ake' alak.

Ratu KEBANA 01

Ratu KEBANA 02

Ratu KEBANA 03

Ratu KEBANA 04

Ratu KEBANA 05

Ratu KEBANA 06

Ratu KEBANA 07

Ratu KEBANA 08

Ratu KEBANA 09

Ratu KEBANA 10

Let's take a break from all the beautiful KENYAH girls.

Ratu KEBANA 11

Ratu KEBANA 12

Ratu KEBANA 13

Ratu KEBANA 14

Ratu KEBANA 17

Ratu KEBANA 18

Ratu KEBANA 19

Ratu KEBANA 20

Ratu KEBANA 21

After introduced themselves and do some catwalk, then the top 10 will be selected. Shortly after, the top 5 was selected. All these top 5 need to answer some questions.

the winner of Leto Manai/Ratu KEBANA 2016 was Ratu KEBANA 02. She from Kg.Long Biak!

Due to the crowd is so pack, I can't take photo of 1st runner up, Leto Manai/KEBANA 10( I'm sorry!)
So, here is 2nd Runner up, Leto Manai/KEBANA 08 from Kg.Data Kakus!
Congratulations too!!

Some photos of the great moment being Leto Manai/Ratu KEBANA 2016.

One of my old friend, Beatrice (Yet). It's nice to meet you after soo long.

Finally, some of our leaders.

I think I need to write something about this event.
In my personal opinion, this kind of event was really great for KERIITLETO that come back for KEBANA. And, its not just compete for beauty for but to train the KERIITLETO being confident in front of the crowd. It's not easy but that's can be trained.
During my editing of this photos, I keep give thanks to God because I'm thankful for being kenyah girls, that's have so much culture to carry on and proud of. And,I'm grateful for God give me an idea to named my blog as KERIITLETO.COM.
I really work hard to make to be one platform for all kenyah girls or even other girls to get inspired to dream big, chase your dream, make it happen,never give up, keep doing it even though you can't really know what will happen in future and never forget above all, GOD is bigger than anything.

To all Ratu KEBANA 2016, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone because you being brave and confident in front of many people. I hope you continue to being proud to be kenyah girls and never forget where do we come from.

To my friend, Cammy!
Thank you for called me to take the Ratu Kebana 2016 photos. I'm thankful I made it!

To all KERIITLETO that read this now,
no matter what's your dreams, what your plan, always remember " God is above all", never ever do something without praying for it first.And, never ever forget where do we come from and always proud to introduce you as a KENYAH girls.

Last but not least, thank you everyone for read and enjoy my blog. I really appreciate your time to scroll and read what I write. If you have any comment about my photography and what I said here, you can always comment below.

Do share it to your friends if you feel inspired and proud of being KENYAH girls.
And, don't forget to stay tune for more exciting and colorful photos.

Paya from


  1. We ,'kerritleto' are going to rock Kenyah Badeng girls' future! Keep everything posted up so that everyone can see that our Kenyah Badeng can do something incredible and beyond that too . Love everything about your blog btw! Maju keriitleto ! *hugs*

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment..*hugs" too!
      Maju keriitleto!

  2. Salah istilah Leto Manai. Leto Tiga baru teneng. Manai bermaksud Handsome. Beautiful in kenyah badeng = Tiga, Ngetip

    1. Tega tawai oban neneng ake'..kawak teki ka nak manai ja le tapi nta kumin pakar dalem bhs kenyah lepe. tega tawai :)
      Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Best teka baca blog uk pasal kebana. Tega tawai.

    1. Tega tawai, kaduk pe de kenai lo, stay tune ya! :)


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