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Incredible Kenyah Culture

22 June 2016

Happy Wednesday!
Let's take a break from my wedding photography for awhile. I still have many photos of KEBANA 2016 that I can't keep it myself.I have been working non-stop for my photography job now, its not easy as I think. The photo editing makes me crazy and last week, I'm sick because I'm too tired and of course, the ladies every month issue.
To be honest, when I'm in high school I never feel so proud to born as Kenyah because some people teased me the way I talked and the way that we make living (most of us are farmer, so I feel embarrassed because of that, such a less than smart girl). Fast forward now, I know that I am so wrong to feel that way. I should be proud of who am I, I am unique and nobody is like me. Now, my Kenyah culture is something that closes to my heart and something that I treasured in my life.I've seen many cultures in my life and I really amazed with it but at the end of the day, I still remember my culture is always closed to my heart. I still love the sape' music, love the datun julut dancing and love Kenyah food like tung ubi, anye', tepake' ( my mum made this when I'm at home last time).
So, here is some incredible culture of Kenyah.

1. Kancet Ajai, Kancet lasan for man


 Talented Logan

2.Beautiful Kenyah Music

3. Datun Julut with eleng

 Take a break from beautiful ladies.
Here is my nephew,Jalong.

 My cousins
 Special performance
 Datun Julut

 The man usual accecories ( tapung key tan)

Thank You so much for visit and I love to talk more about my culture but I honestly don't have enough knowledge about it.
So, what do you think incredible Kenyah culture ( this question for my fellow Kenyah people)?
Please share below.

Paya from

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