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13 June 2016

Happy Monday!
I feel overwhelmed after reading few comments on my blog on the previous post, I'm happy that some of the readers enjoyed my blog post and thanks for you correcting me when I'm wrong and not to forget one comment from #keriitleto that really make me move forward and not going to stop. Thank you so much for comments, visiting/scrolling and read my blog.
Not to forget for those who shared my previous post on my Facebook (Paya Roni Eban) and Keriitleto. Thank you so much, you guys!!
So, for today post, since there're no outfit photos this week because I planned to overload you guys with my holiday photos. And, for today post, it will relate to fashion.
This year, I can see that choker is one of the hottest trends in fashion world. You can see it on some fashion blogger #ootd, Vlog and etc. I personally love this trend but I'm not doing it yet.
When I take a photo for Leto Tiga/Ratu KEBANA 2016, one trend that I notice was there's a choker in KENYAH ways and this really attracted me and I can't stop thinking about it.
So, here are new trends of LETO KENYAH traditional costume.

1. Choker
When I take photo of Leto Tiga/Ratu KEBANA 2016, I noticed this trend right away and I'm so happy about it.

The below choker style is my favorite one.

2. Sip ka lengan
I'm not really sure if this is new trends on our Kenyah traditional clothes but I saw everyone wearing it and its soo beautiful!

This "sip ka lengan" is another level. Its look crowrded but its amazin!

Different kind of belaung/earring, the usual one is the nude color one. This is our identity. Whenever I introduced myself, I always said " I'm Kenyah that wearing long ears".

4. Oleng inuk
I spotted this trends since last year, so I'm not really sure if this still new trends but anyway, its most popular trends. As a women and man, we can wear it.

5. Tapung bulu daduk
This new trends really suprised me because I used to see tapung bulu, you can check I'm wearing tapung bulu here.But, this time its take to another level, wearing the tapung bulu with bulu daduk (I'm sorry, I;m not sure about the name)

6. Kalung ka taket ngan ujuk/Fake tatu on feet and hands.
I'm not sure this is new trends or just for Ratu Kebana but I love to see it!

I guess that it for new trends. As we enjoy the new trends, we never forget the original or usual style of KENYAH WOMEN TRADITIONAL clothes. We still rock it.

Thank you so much for visit and read my blog.
If you know more about each outfit and accessories, please do let me know.


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