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#keriitletoootd : Off shoulder tops | How to become confident

Happy weekend everybody!
How's your day so far? I hope you have a great day and you rest well after hectic week.
I'm so excited to share my #keriitletoOOTD today because finally I've my off shoulder tops. I been searching for this quite long time and I found that I like in online store,, please do check them out!
Since I just staying in my house today so I do my own photoshoot in my house office.
And, topic that I wanna talk about today is how to be confident.
I am not very confident person especially when its come to presentation or public speaking. I'm not very confident even after do it many times, still I'm not confident.
So, here is some tips ( I still learning too, let's improve together on this).

Our first date

Happy Weekend!
First of all, I want to say sorry for not writing or sharing anything on my blog for almost a week. I'm sorry!
Last weekend was a blast!
The best moment in this life is being with people that you love(obviously!). I sound cheezy but that's true! I saying this not because I'm in love but love should make us happy,right?
Love each other like you love yourself.
Matthew 22:39


[Outfits] Choices

Hi there!
It's been 1 week since I didn't write or share anything on my blog.Last week is a busy week and I feel discouraged too. I'm not always a positive person, there's a day I feel like I want to give up and just sleep and there's time I feel like I can conquer the world.
That's weird, right?

[Photography Project] Gawai & Kaamatan 2016

Hi there!
My latest photography project on the blog, its Gawai & Kaamatan celebration in SIB Cheras for 2016.I know, its already July but we still celebrating this special day in Sarawak and Sabah. Oh ya, let's talk about photography (haha.. I love to talk about this!). For me, shooting event during night is quite challenging because I never officially learned how to use flash/speedlight. I never learned how to use it ( I don't have much time to do so). What I did is learn how to use it and use my common sense.So, here is the result. What do you think?
For the full album on SIB Cheras Facebook page here.
Enjoy some of the photos for now.


[Outfit] Just be you

To be honest, writing a post can be tough for me because I always out of topic.But, I will never make the post title empty and I know, there's will be many topic to talk about. For keriitletodotcom here, we love to talk about ladies, be a strong, independent, kind hearted and sweet lady. We're not trying to be perfect.But, we learn and improve ourselves to be better version of ourselves.
Back then, if you asked me " Do you like being you?" or "Do you like the fact that you're Kenyah girl and your name is Paya?". To be honest, I definitely said " I wished I can be __ " and not be Paya. I'm not grateful being born as Kenyah girl because we're minority and I even hate my name. During I'm in high school even university, some people make fun of my name, sometime I feel sad about this.And, during my university time,  I even try to change my name and add extra name for myself, Estelle and use that name for quite some time. That's not my real name.

[Fashion/Style] Cool way to wear choker

Happy Thursday!
One trend that I love for this moment is wearing choker. I remember, during the 90s, I saw my sisters wearing this choker(the blac color one) as their accesories.Back then, I'm still 7 years old so know nothing about fashion. So, here I am now, falling hard for this trends.
Here is cool way to wear choker.

[Outfit] You are love | My 5 favorites singleness quotes

I know what you think now, this tops again? haha. 
I'm too comfortable wearing this tops now. I got this top in white and black colour but since the black one a bit shorter so I always choose to wear the white one and the weather is hot too, so wearing white can make you feel cooler ( according to science, right?)
As I mentioned in my outfit post earlier this week, since I always no idea what to write on my outfit post, so I will share my positive message on my outfit post from now.
For today topic, let's talk about singleness. I'll talk in girls perspective, so guys, please let me know if you have a different opinion.
Most of the girl think this is the 'darkest' time in their life. I hope this not for you. I also have this season in my life too. 
For me, during this singleness season, I spent my time to recreate myself, get to know myself very well, get to know and love my families member, find my passion and of course, never stop praying for the best partner ever come (hahaha).So, if you're in singleness season, don't worry about anything, God always has a right time for you to meet the right person in the right way. So many right words over there.But, trust me, it'll come on in a very unexpected way, so don't ever feel despair or sad.
So, here is my 5 favourite singleness quotes along with my never ending posing with my favourite outfits.

If you run after God like you run after man, 
He will send you a man you won't have to run after .

You don't find your worth in a man.
You find your worth within yourself and then find's a man who's worthy of you.
Remember that!

You may not like being single,
but God needs your attention in this season.
Let God mould, develop, prepare you before He gives you to someone.

If you ever lose love,
don't go out looking for it.
Reach inside you and recreate what you think you lost.
You are love,
You can't lose you.

When you depend on people to build you up,
they'll have the same power to break you down.
You don't need their validation to know your worth.

If you ever lose love,
don't go out looking for it.
Reach inside you and recreate what you think you lost.
You are love,
You can't lose you.

If you freshly become single, I know it's a hard season for you.
But, never lose love and yourself. Reach inside you and recreate what you think you lose.
You are LOVE, remember that!

Paya from

All quotes from
Photography by ( Self-Portrait)


[Outfit] Keep it simple | Lesson I learned from my early 20s

Happy Sunday!
I'm trying my best to be a simple girl. I already start with my closet because this is the most complicated/mess in my life.My sisters/closed friends/housemates know this and my sisters always scold me because of this. I know it's uncomfortable to be someone like this, so I need to change, my progress is slow but I'm trying my best.
This top is my current favourite for this moment. You already see it quite many times on my blog since last month.This time, I styled it with my vintage long skirt ( this long skirt was my eldest sister) and I really love it!


[Travel] Pantai Klebang,Melaka

Hi there!
Yesterday is awesome!
I spent my time in the beach but no bikini because its just too hot and I feel insecure about my body. I know, I have to much fat now and not even thinking how to lose them.When the right time come, I will say goodbye to them.
think its a very long time since I spending my time in the beach.I think I love beach especially the view and I feel relax here.I love skies so much so one of the perfect place to see my favorite view is at the beach, so I need to spent my time more in the beach next time..haha.
What so special of this Klebang beach(Pantai Klebang)?


[Outfit] White blouse

Happy holiday everyone!
I know it's not Monday but I gotta do what I love. Here is my travel outfit today. Nowadays, it's very hot in Malaysia, its make me feel uncomfortable.So, to beat this hot weather, I always wear white and one of my favourites is this white blouse. The sleeves are quite big for me but I just love it that way. And, the best thing about this blouse is I can hide my stomach whenever I ate too much..haha but bad things is I look like I'm pregnant..ahahha, it's hard to suck in my stomach.Whenever to go to travel, I prefer to wear my super comfortable sneakers, I just love it!
And, I'm currently aiming to buy another pair of sneakers!! I can't wait!
For now, enjoy my photos from Melaka or specifically from Klebang Beach.

Before I end this post, I wanna share my favorite quotes for this moment.

Thanks for visit and read my blog,



Selamat Hari Raya 2016

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends and for those that like to celebrate Hari Raya just like me.
What I really love about Hari Raya is, of course, the food but I know it's the very important day for my Muslim friends. I'm grateful for able to have public holiday due to this and I hope all of you have a great holiday and take care wherever you go, don't eat too much, don't forget to keep in touch with your relatives and most of all, enjoy the Hari Raya and don't forget to bring some kuih raya when come back to reality.

Thank You for visit and read my blog.


[Fashion/Style] Bell shaped sleeves

Happy Tuesday!
Today is my second day holidaying and I slept so much but I'm feeling good!
Now that I'm back to my first love( fashion/style) after my wedding photography project is wrapped up. But, some photo editing still in progress and I need to keep learning, improve and practice for my wedding photography project in future. There's no time for me to stop and feel free but I love this kind of life.
Okay, for fashion/style update today, if you noticed I wore this tops quite frequent now. I'm someone that wore something I like many times. This time, I love the bell shaped sleeves. I bought this in Nichii store for RM49.90/ pieces( I bought two) and you know what the color is.hahhaha
Have a great day ahead!

 Favorite during this hot day
 Some inspirations

What do you think of this bell shaped sleeves?
Do you love it or you will never wear something like this?
Let me know what do you think on comment below.

Thank You for visit and read my blog,


[Photography Project] Happy Parents' Day SIB Cheras

Another post for today.
Yesterday was awesome because I got chance to shooting beautiful moments of SIB Cheras's families. I love to see people smile for the camera and I able to captured people beautiful moment.When I started to shooting people, I always feel overwhelmed whenever people show their best smile and feel good in front of my camera especially the candid smile and moment.
Thanks to the JFC team for let me shooting the best moment. I'm grateful.

[Fashion] Minimal+Classic

Happy Monday!
It's been a quite long time I didn't do any update about fashion/style on my blog. I'm busy with my photography project, my main work and my personal life as well. There so much things to handle at the same time but I will never forget my first love, fashion. I will always love fashion and I will never ever give up on it.Can you believe that I'm not doing any shopping now? All in my mind is my camera and the wedding photography project but deep inside my heart, I miss to do my own photo shoot for fashion/style tab on my blog.
This time, I will share the fashion trends that I currently loved. And, I'm in the middle of "hunting" for something that close to this. I will rock this style maybe on my wedding day or my photoshoot or something but for a special day.It looks overexposed but I love it!

What do you think of this style? 
Do you love it or hate it?