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[Fashion/Style] Bell shaped sleeves

05 July 2016

Happy Tuesday!
Today is my second day holidaying and I slept so much but I'm feeling good!
Now that I'm back to my first love( fashion/style) after my wedding photography project is wrapped up. But, some photo editing still in progress and I need to keep learning, improve and practice for my wedding photography project in future. There's no time for me to stop and feel free but I love this kind of life.
Okay, for fashion/style update today, if you noticed I wore this tops quite frequent now. I'm someone that wore something I like many times. This time, I love the bell shaped sleeves. I bought this in Nichii store for RM49.90/ pieces( I bought two) and you know what the color is.hahhaha
Have a great day ahead!

 Favorite during this hot day
 Some inspirations

What do you think of this bell shaped sleeves?
Do you love it or you will never wear something like this?
Let me know what do you think on comment below.

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