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[Outfit] Just be you

15 July 2016

To be honest, writing a post can be tough for me because I always out of topic.But, I will never make the post title empty and I know, there's will be many topic to talk about. For keriitletodotcom here, we love to talk about ladies, be a strong, independent, kind hearted and sweet lady. We're not trying to be perfect.But, we learn and improve ourselves to be better version of ourselves.
Back then, if you asked me " Do you like being you?" or "Do you like the fact that you're Kenyah girl and your name is Paya?". To be honest, I definitely said " I wished I can be __ " and not be Paya. I'm not grateful being born as Kenyah girl because we're minority and I even hate my name. During I'm in high school even university, some people make fun of my name, sometime I feel sad about this.And, during my university time,  I even try to change my name and add extra name for myself, Estelle and use that name for quite some time. That's not my real name.

But, if you asked the same question now, I definitely said " I love being me. My name is Paya and I'm Kenyah girls, the one that have long ears but I don't have one". I feel proud to introduce my name because that's me and nobody can be me.
Why did I changed?

1. Your life is between you and God.

2. Don't always comparing yourself with somebody because that will never make your life better.
To make yourself and your life better, work and never give up!

3. You're beautiful in your way.
Why you insult yourself by saying that, someone is prettier than you.You're beautiful in your way and seeing beautiful in others is beautiful souls.

 4. You deserve to do what you like.
No matter where you come from, whether you are 'kampung girl', jungle girl, city girl or whatever type of girl. You deserve to do what you like. Don't make your background stop you but go ahead toward what you like.

5. Nobody can be you.
Enjoying being YOU and be grateful with that, and most of all, do your best being you.

6. Believe in yourself.
Whatever you do in your life, always believe in yourself but not too much lah.

7. Learn from your mistakes.
Everyone make mistake, so learned from your mistake and never regret because that's make you learned. Remember, if its bad mistakes, don't do it again.

8. Don't take life seriously, have fun while you can.
Life is not easy but don't take life seriously, have fun while thinking how to solve any issue in our life. Don't forget to have fun while you still lived in this world. Everything will be okay.

And, thank you very much for visit and read my blog,
What do you think about my outfit post with positive messages? Do you like it or dislike it?
Let me know by comment below.

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