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[Outfit] Keep it simple | Lesson I learned from my early 20s


Happy Sunday!
I'm trying my best to be a simple girl. I already start with my closet because this is the most complicated/mess in my life.My sisters/closed friends/housemates know this and my sisters always scold me because of this. I know it's uncomfortable to be someone like this, so I need to change, my progress is slow but I'm trying my best.
This top is my current favourite for this moment. You already see it quite many times on my blog since last month.This time, I styled it with my vintage long skirt ( this long skirt was my eldest sister) and I really love it!

Tips: Next time when to buy new clothes, find classic pieces so you can keep your closet simple and your simple style.
From now, for the outfit post, I will share positive message with all of you. So, for today, I will share about lessons I learned from my early 20s. I planned to share this when I'm officially 30s but I can't wait!
I hope this will help you.
For now, enjoy my outfit photos.

 My messy hair.

 I smile at one Putrajaya Botanical Park staff as they pass by during this shooting.

My 6 lessons learned from my early 20s:
1. Don't worry if you don't find your passion(yet)
When I'm in my early 20s, I don't even know what am I going to do with my life. I studied engineering so I aimed to get a job in the engineering field. And, I'm grateful I get the job and live the life.But, get the good job is not enough for me. After office hours, you need to do something that you like. After almost 3 years working, I finally found my passion after so many trials and try everything.
I always love fashion since the day I know what its fashion but I only know that if you want to do fashion, you need to be a fashion designer.But, I'm wrong!So, I'm in love with fashion, so I did my outfit diary every week and sharing it with you guys.And, I'm in love with photography too ( I never thought of this before).

2. Career plan is important
I don't know about you but I don't really think about what career properly during my early 20s. What I know is after graduation, I need to find a job, work and earn my own money and buy whatever I want, that's it! I know, I'm such a bad planner. But, as I getting older, the career plan is must be planned while you study, don't wait until your graduation. You must have aim what to do after study.

3. Special relationship makes me learned about real life.
The most interesting phase during my early 20s, in love and have a special relationship that people called first love. I don't know whether you can have a relationship during this age but if you lucky enough to be someone then, go ahead! There's nothing wrong with it, its normal for that age.You will learn a lot and if you lucky enough, you already found your soulmate.

I know, you do not earn money during this early 20s or you earned a little. So, what I recommended is don't spend your money mindlessly because that's your parent/siblings' hard work(common senses).
 I need to tell you, its hard to earn money, there's no easy money. If you have study loan like PTPTN, start to think how to pay it even though you still a student and no money, that study loan affects your life after study, so be wise when spending money.

5. Friendship
Befriend with everyone, don't scare to make friends, who know's you might find your best friends.
I'm thankful for making many friends along the journey of my life. I'm thankful for not having bad friends.

6.Love yourself
I think, when I'm in my early 20s, I always comparing myself with others. Its not comparing yourself is bad but the tendency for you to feel down after comparing yourself with others is higher. There's no need to compare yourself with others. If you not good at something, you can always learn and improve yourself. Love yourself because there's nobody going to love yourself as much as you.

Which lessons you think is good for you?
Please do let me know.

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