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[Outfit] White blouse

07 July 2016

Happy holiday everyone!
I know it's not Monday but I gotta do what I love. Here is my travel outfit today. Nowadays, it's very hot in Malaysia, its make me feel uncomfortable.So, to beat this hot weather, I always wear white and one of my favourites is this white blouse. The sleeves are quite big for me but I just love it that way. And, the best thing about this blouse is I can hide my stomach whenever I ate too much..haha but bad things is I look like I'm pregnant..ahahha, it's hard to suck in my stomach.Whenever to go to travel, I prefer to wear my super comfortable sneakers, I just love it!
And, I'm currently aiming to buy another pair of sneakers!! I can't wait!
For now, enjoy my photos from Melaka or specifically from Klebang Beach.

Before I end this post, I wanna share my favorite quotes for this moment.

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