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[Outfits] Choices

28 July 2016

Hi there!
It's been 1 week since I didn't write or share anything on my blog.Last week is a busy week and I feel discouraged too. I'm not always a positive person, there's a day I feel like I want to give up and just sleep and there's time I feel like I can conquer the world.
That's weird, right?

But what I can conclude from my discourage weak is don't give up, keep going and do something that makes you happy. One thing that makes me happy is to keep blogging and share my outfit on my blog. Oh yes, I'm getting bigger each day and some time, I feel worried but most of the time, I choose to calm down and enjoy the ride of my life. In our life, we will face my choices. Start from should I wake up today or just sleep?Should I wear this or that outfit? should I eat or diet?
Sometimes, it's hard to make a choice but we need to decide. And, sometimes the choices we make will make us feel unhappy or happy.
No matter what choice in front of you, if you feel its worth it to try, just go for it.

Thank You for visit my blog.
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