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[Photography Project] Gawai & Kaamatan 2016


Hi there!
My latest photography project on the blog, its Gawai & Kaamatan celebration in SIB Cheras for 2016.I know, its already July but we still celebrating this special day in Sarawak and Sabah. Oh ya, let's talk about photography (haha.. I love to talk about this!). For me, shooting event during night is quite challenging because I never officially learned how to use flash/speedlight. I never learned how to use it ( I don't have much time to do so). What I did is learn how to use it and use my common sense.So, here is the result. What do you think?
For the full album on SIB Cheras Facebook page here.
Enjoy some of the photos for now.

 The decoration is beautiful and big thanks to Decor team, you guys are awesome!

 Happy Kids SIB Cheras
 WOW ( Women of Worship) team

 Pasangan Sejati
 Kaum Batak dance team

 The musician team, you guys are awesome! Good job!

 JFC ladies

 JFC gentlemens
 My best friend, Betuen/Gitun ( Stars)
 Candid shoot of Happy Kids
 Beautiful young lady

Thank you for visit my blog and don't forget to check out SIB Cheras Facebook for full album of Gawai & Kaamatan 2016.

Thank you,
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