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[photography project] Love is a choir singing hallelujah

04 July 2016

Happy Monday!
If you guys ever notice on my Facebook and Instagram page, then you will noticed that I always talked about love. Maybe some of you sense something,right? Yes,I'm in love with someone that always said 'love you more'.I'm lucky and I'm grateful for this everyday.
I don't want to talk details about this because its too personal to talk on my blog now.When the right time come, I will let you guys know.
This time, I wanna share my lovely photos of our little men.
He is so precious and I love the way he look at my camera.He is the latest permanent model of my camera..haha, I really love to capture my nephews whenever I going back home.

Oh my handsome and cute little men.
Side note to this little men ( I hope you will find my blog when you able to read),
I will always do my best to make you smile and get through this life.
I will always be there for you no matter what.

Before I end this post, I want to share my favorite song last month

Here is the lyrics
Love isn't easy but it's worth the price,
love isn't easy but it's worth a try

Love is isn't easy but it's worth the price you pay

It just takes a little if you do it right,
just takes a little bit of compromise
It just takes a little if you do it right away

Love is the hurting and the healing too,
love is the fire burning us right through
Love is a choir singing hallelujah

Thank you for visit and read my blog, see you on next one!

Paya from

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