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[Travel] Pantai Klebang,Melaka


Hi there!
Yesterday is awesome!
I spent my time in the beach but no bikini because its just too hot and I feel insecure about my body. I know, I have to much fat now and not even thinking how to lose them.When the right time come, I will say goodbye to them.
think its a very long time since I spending my time in the beach.I think I love beach especially the view and I feel relax here.I love skies so much so one of the perfect place to see my favorite view is at the beach, so I need to spent my time more in the beach next time..haha.
What so special of this Klebang beach(Pantai Klebang)?

1. Beautiful view - blue skies
2.Coconut Shake - We didn't managed to try as most of shop is closed.
3.Bustel(Bus+Hotel) - we just see how this look like.
Enjoy the photos.

 Not to forget to stroll around Jonker street.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
See you next time.


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