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Our first date


Happy Weekend!
First of all, I want to say sorry for not writing or sharing anything on my blog for almost a week. I'm sorry!
Last weekend was a blast!
The best moment in this life is being with people that you love(obviously!). I sound cheezy but that's true! I saying this not because I'm in love but love should make us happy,right?
Love each other like you love yourself.
Matthew 22:39

Some people believe that happiness is having everything. I used to believe that too when I very young. I think life will be happier if I got much money, loving boyfriend, many friends and etc.
As I growing older, my belief is changed. Nowadays, I believe that you no need to have everything to be happy, be happy with everything you have.
 Sometimes, I wished I have everything so I can be happy or I wished I have much money so I can be happy.Yes, you can be happy but not truly happy.
To be truly happy is be grateful.
Woke up see this view is the best thing ever. I love to see the mountain.
The beautiful building
You must know this if you ever go to Penang
Eat Durian Ice cream during hot day is superb!
One of my wishes, when I'm single, was when I meet someone in future, I would like to go on a date in the cute cafe', drink my favourite coffee ( Latte) and enjoying the moment.
And, I'm so grateful that wish comes true last weekend. We found this cafe' using Foursquare apps(have you try this app yet?).
The name of cafe' is ;
So, here is our very first date!

The churros are delicious!! Love it!
The cronuts! Too sweet for me.

Of course my favourite, Cafe' latte!
The place I wanna be is somewhere you go.
Thinking of my beloved Kang when I saw this decoration in the street.
The Chinese traditional door. I can't imagine what happen if someone come out when I capture this photo..haha

And, my travel diary will not complete without this. Wherever I go, I must take skies photos.
The tiny Penang Bridge
Goodbye for now, Penang. See you again!

Thank you for a visit and read my blog.
I think this is my official share the latest news of my personal life.
I'm grateful and never take any moment for granted.

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