Christ gives me the strength to face anything.
Philippians 4:13
Hello there~
Happy Independence day to my fellow Malaysian. Today is our 59th Independence Day, thank you God for this wonderful country and hope it will be a better country than before.
For outfit post today, I'm going to share my current favourite denim skirt that I bought early this month but I don't have a chance to wear it somewhere yet. I only dress up on the weekend when I went to church but I'm not going to wear this outfit to church for obvious reasons. I will wear it when I go out with my friends for a girls day out. What I love about this skirt is the style and its stretchy too.
One thing that I want to talk about is what do you do when you lose your strength to move forward in this life? Who is your strength? Where do you find your strength again?

#keriitletoOOTD: Ain't giving up

31 August 2016

Respect your father and mother.And love others as you love yourself.
Matthew 19:19
Hi there!
I feel like its been so long since I didn't post about my outfit.
 I've been trying to repair my broken soul. I seem to look like normal but I'm totally broken inside, confused and totally don't get it what God want me to do with my life. I always want everything goes like what I have planned and to be honest, I always ignore whatever beside my dream, my career journey, love myself harder than anything else including what God want me to do. I always trying to be stronger with my will but I have breaking point on that.I lost my direction along the way. I've been thinking I capable do anything but I'm getting tired and helpless.

#keriitletoOOTD : Love more deeply

29 August 2016

Hi there!
I am contact lenses kind of girl.
I can't "live" without it. Some of my co-workers say I'm "expert" on this since I wore it almost every day. Thank you for saying that! and,yeah I guess I become expert already in this "area" but sometimes my eyes getting red because I wore it too long(more than 8hours) and M will nag me on this. I remember, one day I said to M, I feel pretty when I wore contact lenses and M response is a shock for me as M said: " Do you think red eyes is beautiful?"..hahaha. I have red eyes that time so after that,I wore my glasses for 1 week straight, I'm 'insaf' for a moment!hahaha
Okay, what I want to share today is how to wear the contact lenses? If you googled, you can find a bunch of it, and if you search on youtube, you can find it too. But, one thing that makes mine different is I'm closer to you and you'll understand faster( hopefully).

[Tips] : How to use contacts: Put lenses on and take lenses out

27 August 2016

Hi there!
I'm sorry for MIA again and again.Sometime I feel tired of everything so I take a break.
But, here I am again, trying to be strong and do what I love to do.
Here is my new skincare products in the house. My previous one already empty so it's time for new one. I want same as previous but they don't have the same range anymore, so I try this range this time. For me, I love The Face Shop skincare products. It's really comfortable on my skin and its make me feel great.

[Review] : Skincare product I'm loving now

25 August 2016

Happy Monday!
Here is my first #keriitletoOOTD this week.If you following me on social media like Instagram(@keriitleto) and Facebook(keriitleto), I think you already know what's my favourite colour.It's so obvious,right?It's BLACK!
I 've done a small research on "What's your favourite colour say about your personality?"
So, here is what's my favourite colour,black says about me.

Hi there!
I'm so excited to share with you guys what I did on last Saturday(13.8.2016). I went for first ever when to first ever CLEO creativity workshop with TEDxKL adventures.
If you're avid fan of English fashion magazine in Malaysia, then you know what's is CLEO and who is CLEO. If you don't know, don't worry, I googled it for you.

[Review] CLEO creativity Workshop with TEDxKL Adventures

13 August 2016

 Xin Chao!
It's mean "Hi" in Vietnamese!
Can we take a break from my #keriitletoOOTD and dreamer related topic? Let's do the travel post.
I been travelling to Vietnam for 6th times now and all the trip was a business trip. I'm grateful for this job and I not complaining about it for now.I love my job when come to travel.
Since this is my 6th times here, I guess I can share my 5 places must visit in Ho Chi Minh city in one day and I even share extra. So, without further due, let's check it out!

[Travel] 5 places must visit in Ho Chi Minh City(One day Itinerary)

12 August 2016

Congratulations to you Cath on your convocation day!

[photography] Catherine's convocation 2016

Hi there!
My second #keriitletoOOTD of the week. It's hard for me to post about my outfit diary lately as I busy with my main job and also my personal life too. Sometimes I feel so tired and uninspired but I'm trying my very best to do what I love. This time, I'm wearing this LWD(Little White Dress) that I got from my recent oversea trip. I do a quick shopping in the city and I grabbed this one ( few others dress that will coming soon on my blog).The off shoulder really on trends for this moment. I love it so much because I can show off my shoulder..hahaha, no lah! I think when I'm wearing off shoulder tops or dress, I can feel the playful side of me.
For the outfit details, please check out at the end of this post.

#keriitletoOOTD: Little white dress | Dreams big,start small

11 August 2016

Hi there!
I'm sorry for not posting this post yesterday, I was busy with my main job(this is a priority), I feel bad but what can I do,right? This is the life of full time working lady and I'm thankful!
For first #keriitletoOOTD this week, I'm wearing my new shirt and new heels from Saigon City. I bought these on my last day in the city.For the skirt and my bag, you already see this skirt before on my blog.I will share the details of my outfit at the end of this post.
Okay, as I shared on my social media, I'm going to share about MY FAITH and MY DREAMS today. I think this is an important topic to talk about.

#keriitletoOOTD: M is EM | My faith and my dreams

08 August 2016

Hi there!
How's you doin?
I hope you have a great day. I'm currently out of country do my main job. I'm grateful for this chance to travel to different country. I'm still not over of my obsession of off shoulder tops. My sister said this outfit look so classic.
Enjoy my portrait photography below.

#keriitletoootd : Classic

01 August 2016

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