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[Review] CLEO creativity Workshop with TEDxKL Adventures

Hi there!
I'm so excited to share with you guys what I did on last Saturday(13.8.2016). I went for first ever when to first ever CLEO creativity workshop with TEDxKL adventures.
If you're avid fan of English fashion magazine in Malaysia, then you know what's is CLEO and who is CLEO. If you don't know, don't worry, I googled it for you.
Cleo is an Australian, New Zealand, South AfricanMalaysianSingaporeanThailand and Indonesia monthly women's magazine.Aimed at an older audience than the teenage-focused Dolly, Cleo is published by Bauer Media Group in Sydney and known for its Cleo Bachelor of the Year award.
I feel I'm so inspired from this workshop and its really filled what I need for this moment. Especially workshop from DIYKL team. Have you heard of them before? If not, you can check it out their website here, 
They still worked on their full time and yet they can pursue their passion. Oh ya, one of the speaker is Lun Bawang native. I'm so inspired by look at her and what they achieved. I want to be like them, work on their dreams while working on their full time job. Its will be not easy but I will do it!

Upon arrival I saw this sushi bar and its the cutest and beautiful food. All these food from Red Ginger Lily(

Beautiful art in Port Commune

Merchanise from the workshop
The location,just love this space. Office inspirations.

Here is the second speakers after the CLEO Malaysia Editor,Lina. I was so inspired from their story, hard work and how they balanced their full time job and their passion.

Break time.The sushi bar just delicious!

Take photos with talented and inspiring people in creative industry.

Our local fashion designer, Cassey Gan

CLEO Malaysia Editor,Lina.
So inspiring by your words and encouraged words. Thank you.

I'm so grateful, inspired and excited about this. I still can't believe what just I have done in my life. I really inspired by inspiring, talented and hardworking people in the creative industry. I have read CLEO magazine for quite long time and this year, I met their Editor, I feel so excited and amazing.

Thank you for read my story.
Lesson of  the day is
Dream big,
Do it now!
Don't give up!