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#keriitletoOOTD : Love more deeply

Respect your father and mother.And love others as you love yourself.
Matthew 19:19
Hi there!
I feel like its been so long since I didn't post about my outfit.
 I've been trying to repair my broken soul. I seem to look like normal but I'm totally broken inside, confused and totally don't get it what God want me to do with my life. I always want everything goes like what I have planned and to be honest, I always ignore whatever beside my dream, my career journey, love myself harder than anything else including what God want me to do. I always trying to be stronger with my will but I have breaking point on that.I lost my direction along the way. I've been thinking I capable do anything but I'm getting tired and helpless.

One verse in Bible that really wake me up in my long dream was;
 'We make our own plans, but the LORD decides where we will go.[Proverbs 16:9]
I hope you guys feel blessed with what I share on my blog.
So, here is my Sunday outfit. Again, it's black and white as per usual.

The lips colour is no biggie.

Yeah double chin over there

In one favourite place, kedai kain..haha
I went shopping decorations for our church with them and let's take a photo with flowers.

It's easy to say 'Love more deeply' then really do it. I want to choose to love more deeply more than before. No matter how hard it will be, I can do it!
And, I wont leave you guys without sharing any tips. Today, I shared how to wear sneakers with skirt.
1. Wear hidden socks

Thank you very much for visit and read my blog.


[Outfit details]
Shirt : Giordano
Skirt: Saigon Square
Bag: Thailand
Necklace: Forever21
Sneakers: Adidas