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[Tips] : How to use contacts: Put lenses on and take lenses out


Hi there!
I am contact lenses kind of girl.
I can't "live" without it. Some of my co-workers say I'm "expert" on this since I wore it almost every day. Thank you for saying that! and,yeah I guess I become expert already in this "area" but sometimes my eyes getting red because I wore it too long(more than 8hours) and M will nag me on this. I remember, one day I said to M, I feel pretty when I wore contact lenses and M response is a shock for me as M said: " Do you think red eyes is beautiful?"..hahaha. I have red eyes that time so after that,I wore my glasses for 1 week straight, I'm 'insaf' for a moment!hahaha
Okay, what I want to share today is how to wear the contact lenses? If you googled, you can find a bunch of it, and if you search on youtube, you can find it too. But, one thing that makes mine different is I'm closer to you and you'll understand faster( hopefully).

How to put lenses on:
1. Wash your hand
First, wash your hand and when you're done, make sure your hands is clean and dry.

2. Put on
> Using the hand you write with, hold the lens on the tip of your pointer finger.
> With your middle finger on the same hand, pull your lower eyelid down. At the same time, use your pointer finger on your other hand to pull your top lid up.
> Gently place the lens on.
> Close your eyes for a second. The lens will center on your eye.
3.  Repeat these steps for the other lens.

How to take lenses out:
1.Wash your hand
Same as the steps how to put lens on, you need to wash your hand before have contact with your eyes. Make sure its clean and dry.
2. Take out:
> Look up and pull your lower eyelid down with the middle finger of the hand you write with.
> Put your index finger on the lower part of the lens.
> Squeeze the lens gently betwen your pointer finger and thumb and carefully remove it.

3. Repeat these steps for other lens.

How to care the contact lenses:
I've been used the same solution for 3 years now since I knew about it. It's AO Sept(as below).
By using this solution, I will never worry about the hygience since it will clean it for me for about 6 hours.

 Thank you for visit my blog.
I hope that will help.


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