Happy Fri-yay!
And, it's last day of September 2016. How's your September 2016 going? 
I hope everything went well and you have a wonderful September. Tomorrow, we will welcome a new month and let's set the new goals and working a little harder on previous goals.
As we approaching the end of the year(again), I'm thinking about what my 2016 goals that I set earlier this year. A lot of change since January until September.Sometimes, I make a bad decisions in my life but I try my best to think "everything that I decided is there's reason behind it" but still. it's my bad decisions. I'm not saying I regret, I just think, I shouldn't do that but I learned from that. What I can do now is laughing at myself and sharing my bad decisions that ever made in my life and I hope you guys can take a lesson(if applicable for you).

[Life Tips] : Bad bad decisions

29 September 2016

Happy Wednesday!
I feel like the day went super fast lately. Can you believe its 2 month before my birthday!! and 3 months before Christmas. I'm excited when think of that but when I look back at my 2016 goals,I started to think "Is it too late to go toward that goal now?" and one of my goal this year is lose weight and eat healthy!! And, obviously.. you can see I can't achieve that goal because I'm gaining so much weight and keep abused my body by eating unhealthy food. 
So, I'm thinking, is it too late now?

#keriitletoOOTD: Is it too late now?

28 September 2016

Hi there~
I've been missing from blogosphere again. Sometimes I wished I can have more than 24hours so I can do what I must do and what I love to do every day.But, that's not going to happen because God already gives us 24hours so we need to know how to do time management,right? Talking about time management, despite living on this earth for almost 27 years old ( minus when I'm less than 7 years old), so its 20 years living on this earth, I never know what is time management.But, I forgive myself that 15 years.
When I started working, then only I know what is time management because I feel like I have so much thing to do.Sometimes, I have so much thing to do in one day,both my work and my personal life but I'm thankful because God gives me strength to go through my day. So, in case you curious. here is my typical schedule every day.

[#keriitletoOOTD] : Never get tired

26 September 2016

 Today is the day that I'll never forget!
On this day, 3 years ago, I am emotionally and physically crashed because of my breakup. I feel like the world is ended and feel so weak. But, I'm really trying my very best to be strong for my own sake! Fast forward in 2016, read the history on my Facebook make me feel proud of myself and I made it! I mean, I'm survived from that phase of my life. Thanks a lot God and thank you very much for my family and friends that help me a lot during the tough phase of my life.

[Special Post] : Goodbye for now, my friend

22 September 2016

Hi there~
This month I think I'm less creative with my outfits as I'm trying my best to own less. I'm trying to sell everything that I don't even know I owned it and if nobody buy it, I will put it to charity. Its hard to let go whatever that matter to you but what can I do, I need to less stuff and owned what I really wear and need. To be honest, I'm not from wealthy family, I am from rural area ( we called it kampung girl in Malaysia) and I guess I've culture shock in KL for quite long time, so I just shopping and shopping mindlessly. I'm happy when see pretty clothes but to have eternal happy life, that's not the way!
Despite anything, I'm so happy to be on the frame again.


18 September 2016

Happy Tuesday!
I'm grateful today as I still in my public holiday.
Since I'm on my holiday and the bank is open today so I decided to try the coin deposit machine. Have you heard of this before?
I have many coins so I can't keep it in my house anymore because now I'm in progress to be own less.
So, now you can deposit your coin to your bank account. I'm here to share my experience.
Without further due, let's check out how to use the Coin Deposit Machine.

[Tips] How to use Coin Deposit Machine?

13 September 2016

Happy Monday!
I hope you have a great one today because of its public holiday in Malaysia. For Muslim friends/readers, Selamat Hari Raya Haji. I hope everyone has a great Monday no matter what you doing. This public holiday, me and my friend, Marina went to somewhere out of the city. It's Strawberry Farm Genting Highlands. You can find info here.

[Genting Highlands,Malaysia] Where to go for a quick trip near KL?

12 September 2016

Hi there.
Can you believe it's September 2016 already?
In 3 months, my favorite month will be here. I think time move so fast and not even bother to wait for me. Since I'm so active on Instagram, have you follow me on Instagram yet? If not yet, you can follow me (@keriitleto), if you want lah..haha.Starting from September 2016, I will do Instagram round up and share the details story behind my Instagram photos every week. I hope you like it.

[Instagram Round Up] First week of September

11 September 2016

Happy Sunday!
Being away from home is not good especially when comes to food. I always missed our traditional food like Daun Ubi Goreng,Mee Goreng Basah, terung dayak and etc. No matter how much I like other food, I always craving for Borneo food.
Earlier this month(September), one of my church friend invited me to the opening of Borneo concept kitchen in Seri Kembangan. I am more than happy to go and yeah, I love the food. I feel like home. Without further due, let's check it out!
When you arrived here, you will see this.
Javian Kitchen-Sajian Borneo(This is the restaurant name)

Delicious Borneo foods in Selangor

“Rather than having to line up and wait for the whole process,
applicants can just come and pick up their passport,
which also reduces the queues at Immigration offices in the country,”

When I heard this news, I feel so happy and relieved at the same time.I no no need to line up and need to take leave to settle my passport.So, I will not mumble over here, so here is how to renew passport?

[Tips] : How to renew passport online?

05 September 2016

Happy Friday people!
I'm so excited to write this post because after I published #keriitletobeauty post last time, you guys love it, so I feel good and I feel sharing is caring.This time, I really describe about my skincare products that I currently used.
My skincare daily routine was below:
Step 1; Toner
Step 2 : Moisture cream
Step 3; Serum

[Review] : THEFACESHOP Chia Seed products

02 September 2016

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