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[Tips] : How to renew passport online?


“Rather than having to line up and wait for the whole process,
applicants can just come and pick up their passport,
which also reduces the queues at Immigration offices in the country,”

When I heard this news, I feel so happy and relieved at the same time.I no no need to line up and need to take leave to settle my passport.So, I will not mumble over here, so here is how to renew passport?

Step 1: Click a link below.

Step 2: Read the Introduction page first before anything.
- All information regarding Payment, collection date and time,specification of passport photo and terms and conditions will be appear here.Make sure you read it before proceed to press [Agree] button at the end of this page.

Step 3: Select [Agree] button
-Application category will appear after you select [Agree].
-Fill your details.

Step 4: Follow the every page.
- I'm sorry I can't show the details for you since I'm not renewing my passport for another 4 years.
But, you can visit here for reference.

For more details about this renewal passport online, you can visit below;

I'm sorry I cant give the details "how to" for this renewal passport online since I don't experience it yet. But, my intention for this post is to make sure you know about this matter and share what I know.

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Thank you for your reading.
If you have any comment, please do write me a comment.

Thank You.

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