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[Life Tips] : Bad bad decisions

29 September 2016

Happy Fri-yay!
And, it's last day of September 2016. How's your September 2016 going? 
I hope everything went well and you have a wonderful September. Tomorrow, we will welcome a new month and let's set the new goals and working a little harder on previous goals.
As we approaching the end of the year(again), I'm thinking about what my 2016 goals that I set earlier this year. A lot of change since January until September.Sometimes, I make a bad decisions in my life but I try my best to think "everything that I decided is there's reason behind it" but still. it's my bad decisions. I'm not saying I regret, I just think, I shouldn't do that but I learned from that. What I can do now is laughing at myself and sharing my bad decisions that ever made in my life and I hope you guys can take a lesson(if applicable for you).

1. Finance management
Something that we all know and its common sense to know but still I'm very bad at this and I'm trying my best to improve myself on this( every day). Why is the finance one of my bad decisions? 
i. Study loan
I should study harder to get 1st class CGPA during my university so I no need to pay back my student loan. Its really effect my life now. If you take any study loan like PTPTN, you better be careful and be wiser when spending it because that money is not really yours and you need to pay it back once you get the job or else, you will not able to travel overseas and maybe to purchase your first home.
Note: If you're student, study hard to get the first class so you need to pay.

ii.Shopping habit
I shouldn't buy those clothes, handbags and shoes. I shouldn't have to shop nice and new clothes when I'm studying and earlier day of my career. I should go to thrift shop for new clothes..sighh, my money!
Note: Buy quality over quantity, I mean buy all basic and have fun with that.

iii. Save a little money for travel
I should save money for travel so I can expose to outside Malaysia early as possible.Not wait until I'm working.
You can save for your travel if you really want to.

So, be careful and wiser using your money. Money can make you happy when money is there but money is not sources of happiness if you don't know how to control it(we all know this fact! but still spending like crazy!).

2. Relationship
I shouldn't consider to be in relationship while I'm studying. I should always remember my FOCUS! But, the handsome and smart man cannot be resisted!! haha and I'm young and 'wild' too so that's totally normal but still I said this is bad decisions of mine because I am too "in love" even though I know its not going anywhere and you and me is like skies and the ground but that love feeling make me feel I can close the gap but nuh uh! bad bad decisions. But, I can't turn back the time so what can I do now is be thankful for the experience and all the young love.
For me, you don't really need to chase love while you're young. This time, you should learn something new,improve yourself, love yourself even though you always compare yourself with others. Overall, your younger time is the time to setup strong foundations of your life. Strong foundations in faith, knowledge and love.
But, I know I know.. our young heart cannot be deceived and the feeling I want to be loved by somebody is stronger than everrrr,right? You can have boyfriend but make sure don't lose your focus,main focus!

3. Study & Career choice
 I should be more firm on what I want to do in my life when I'm in high school. I love art and creative thing but I thought there's "no future" so I decided to study engineering because I feel my future is secure. Yes, its secured and now, I'm working in engineering field and I'm thankful not complaining. You should study what you love and what you feel right for your future.

4. Love family more( and MEANT it!!)
When I'm younger, to be honest, it's so hard for me to love my family so much especially my siblings. I always fight with my bro and sisters and seriously don't like them,I don't know why but as I get older, the person that I really missed are my sisters and brothers. When I lost my temporary love, I found my true love, my siblings' love!
I love you guys so much and I meant it!

In 3 years, I will be on my 30s. I'm honestly excited and at the same time, I always have this question in my mind"Am I mature enough to be 30s?". Sometimes I think I'm too childish.But, what I confident about is I learned from all my bad decisions and hopefully be mature enough to go through this life journey. I know, I will never stop making bad decisions because that's how we lived. We make decisions(good or bad), we learned and move on!
Last but not least, I hope you learn a little bit from my bad decisions and I hope you guys don't make the same bad decision especially finance. You should be wiser on this because its effect your life.

Thank you so much for reading.


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