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Delicious Borneo foods in Selangor


Happy Sunday!
Being away from home is not good especially when comes to food. I always missed our traditional food like Daun Ubi Goreng,Mee Goreng Basah, terung dayak and etc. No matter how much I like other food, I always craving for Borneo food.
Earlier this month(September), one of my church friend invited me to the opening of Borneo concept kitchen in Seri Kembangan. I am more than happy to go and yeah, I love the food. I feel like home. Without further due, let's check it out!
When you arrived here, you will see this.
Javian Kitchen-Sajian Borneo(This is the restaurant name)

 The interior is really Borneo

Let's see check it out the food!
1. Daun Ubi goreng
Yummy!! I love this! It's simpliest food ever but the best.
 2. Umai Ikan
 3. Sup Ayam dan terung dayak
- We came a bit late so I guess they run out of terung dayak..ahaha
 4. Mee goreng basah
- I ate this when first time I came to the store.
 5. Ikan with terung dayak
- I forget the name of this.
 6. Ayam Pansuh
This is our food..
 You can celebrate your birthday here too.
Details of this restaurant is below

How to get there?
If you using Waze Apps, you can search for Hazzana Boutique Hotel
or you can search below address:
Lot 12-G,Block D,Jalan Putra Permai,Seri Kembangan.
*I recommend just search for Hazzana Boutique Hotel, the restaurant just on the left of the hotel.

Operating hours:

Recommended food:
You can try:
1.Mee goreng basah *I love this!!
2. Daun ubi goreng ( eat this with white rice)
3. Sup ayam with terung dayak
4. Umai
5. Ayam Pansoh

Price range:

For my Muslim friends, you can try the food here too as you can see, serves no pork.

If you have any comment or if you know where can I find other Borneo restaurant and can do a review, you can comment below.

Thanks and hope you can try the Borneo food if you haven't tried!

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