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[Tips] How to use Coin Deposit Machine?


Happy Tuesday!
I'm grateful today as I still in my public holiday.
Since I'm on my holiday and the bank is open today so I decided to try the coin deposit machine. Have you heard of this before?
I have many coins so I can't keep it in my house anymore because now I'm in progress to be own less.
So, now you can deposit your coin to your bank account. I'm here to share my experience.
Without further due, let's check out how to use the Coin Deposit Machine.

Step 1
Find the banking branch that has this machine as below;
Langkah 1
Cari cawangan bank yang ada mesin deposit syiling. Rujuk di bawah:

Step 2
 Find the machine COIN DEPOSIT MACHINE(as below)
Langkah 2
Cari mesin "COIN deposit machine" seperti di bawah:

Step 3
Select your preferred language. 
- Select language ( only 3 languages available, Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese)
Langkah 3
Pilih bahasa pilihan anda
- Hanya 3 bahasa disediakan ( Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese) 

Step 4
Enter you account number*Depends on bank branch you go.
- As for me, I went to CIMB bank so I enter my CIMB account.
-Select "CONFIRM".
Langkah 4
Masukkan akaun nombor anda *Bergantung kepada cawangan bank yang anda pergi.
- Untuk saya, saya pergi ke CIMB bank jadi saya masukkan akaun nombor CIMB saya.

Step 5
Slide open the cover and deposit the coins.
Note: Please observe the X marked in the machine; inserted coins should not exceed that X line.
Tips: Insert your coins little by little, not everything at once.
Langkah 5
Bukakan penutup mesin dan masukkan duit syiling anda.
Nota: Pastikan anda masukkan syiling dan tidak melepasi garisan X yang anda akan nampak dalam mesin.

Step 6
Deposit coins in progress..
Langkah 6
Syiling dimasukkan dalam akaun anda diproses..

Step 7
Press “Accept” if there are no more coins to deposit. 
Langkah 7
Tekan "Terima" jika tidak ada lagi syiling yang ingin dimasukkan.

Step 8
Collect the transaction receipt.
Langkah 8
Ambil resit anda.

Note: This is offline deposit so it will take 2 days business days to process so you can see the amount of your deposit coin directly on your account.Please wait for 2days business day and if there any issue, then you can go to the branch you deposit your coins.
Nota: Ini adalah transaksi offline jadi akan mengambil masa 2 bekerja hari untuk diproses jadi anda tidak akan nampak amount syiling tadi secara automatik dalam akaun bank anda. Sila tunggu untul 2 hari bekerja dan jika ada terdapat masalah, boleh hubungi cawangan bank yang anda pergi untuk masukkan syiling.

And, since this is my first time doing this there funny and silly thing happened. There one guy behind me during my deposited my coins and I said to him, the old 50$ coins cannot accept and he show me weird kind of face and few minutes after that, I told him " It's accepted" and he shows me the annoying face..haha, I shouldn't talked to him but nevermind. He is not going to remember me anyway.

Thank you very much for visit my blog.
I hope this is useful for you and if you have any questions and comment, please do write me below.


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