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[Review]: CC Long Lasting Cushion (The Face Shop x Disney) edition

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I'm back with another review,beauty product to be specific.And, it's The Face Shop product again.If you ever read my review before then you already know I love The Face Shop products.I really love it and its good for my skin as well.I'm CC cushion since last year and I never stop using it until now. Never ever stop! haha. I did make a review regarding CC cushion I'm wearing before, you can check here.
Without further due, let's check this product out!


What October taught me

Yay! Almost end of October! Oh, what?! Is it end of October already?
How's time flies right? This month has been challenging as per usual but I feel natural, thanks to God! This month, I heard of bad/sad news from my kampong.One young man going back to our Fathers in heaven. I'm thinking, life is short and anytime you or someone close to you will go.So, be grateful and appreciate everyday life.Since October will be away in 3 days, so I will share what October taught me.


My 5 favorite Malaysian breakfast

Who love breakfast here? Raised your mutual hand!
Okay,thank you! There no better way to start a day without breakfast,right? I know, some of you can't eat breakfast due to stomache issue. I have that one but I just ignore it.
So, here is my favorite Malaysian breakfast.

1.Kolo Mee
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The Kolo Mee that I really love is my hometown,Belaga Kolo Mee. We called it "Mee Kompua" over there. It's taste soo good! In KL, I like the one in MTK,Cheras and Restaurant 2020,Pandan Indah.Slurpp!!


Minimal room ideas

Grey home with a glass partition - via
Hi there~
Getting sick before the long weekend is not really good.
This week, I have been sick. On Monday I got diarhea and the following days, I having the flu and no voice and today, I got a fever,flu and coughing. I don't know what happen to me. I think I need to buy that Vitamin C and get stronger. I'm not getting younger and I need to take care of myself better. No one can do that to me except me. Okay, since I just staying at home,sleeping after eating the medicine and not going out so what else can I do than browsing on my favourite inspiration website, and I think I need to share this with you guys.My minimal room ideas.

[Life Tips] Apps that you need in your life now

Happy Wednesday!
I'm sorry for another delayed post on my blog.
To be honest, I'm out of idea now..haha, I've a lot to write but I still considering to publish it or not because I feel not so confident about it. I'm still in my learning process too.When I am ready I'll definitely post it.
Okay, today I want to share about apps that practically help make my life better(organized to be specific!).
So, here you go.
*Just click on the Apps name to download it.


[Career woman tips] The rewards of work

God is fair, and he will remember all the work you have done. He will remember that you showed your love to him by helping his people and that you continue to help them.
Hebrew 6:10

Reward is something that we can't casually to talk about in my opinion. It's really depends on how you do your work and whats yours employers think of that hard work. I'm thankful for the rewards that I got from my job and sometime, I am not being grateful because I knew I can deserved it but maybe there's something that I need to improve or do something better. On basis of good management is to recognize and reward employees for outstanding performance. Still, many employees feel that they never receive the recognition or rewards they deserve from their earthly employers.


[Career woman tips ] Relationship in the workplace and home

Working woman is never been easy. As a woman, we always evaluates our priorities and decisions as daily basis. Especially if you're working mum. Making decisions or evaluates the priorities is not come easy. Sometime we think, everything is important and need to do it all. I heard few stories from my colleagoues about their quilty for their families and work. I'm grateful I'm single, no family commitment for this moment but I will in future so need to get ready early for that. So, as I mentioned earlier, I read one Bible apps that really inspired me to make this series on my blog. And, this time, we talk about relationship in workplace and home.
Whenever you need to make decisions between your work and home,here is some guidelines may be helpful;
p.s: I knew its not easy as I write this but try.At least, we know which is important.


[Career woman tips] Fear |Guide to become better public speaker

The spirit God gave us does not make us afraid. His spirit is a source of power and love and self-control.
2 Timothy 1:7
This topic is the most insecure topic ever to share on my blog.
Why?? I am very bad in my public speaking but I'm sharing guides to become public speaker. I've done public speaking many times but still have fear of doing this. Wherever I need to do presentations during meetings or speaking in front of many people, the butterflies(monster!!) in my stomach always happened. Sometimes, I wonder why I must fear of public speaking? or why I should fear of cats/dogs or why I fear of what will happen in future? I planned to write the topic related to career woman tips but this topic pop up on my mind since my last post, so the arrangement of my post become messed so that why the series published quite late.I'm sorry.
So, let's talk about this now.


[Career woman tips ] The challenge of a career

"But wisdom will make any job easier. It is very hard to cut with a dull knife.But if you sharpen the knife, the job is easier."
Ecclesiastes 10:10

Happy Wednesday!
In honour of my 5th years as working lady, I want to share about career woman tips articles on my blog this week. So, the prefix will be [career woman tips] and I will post article every day this week on 8pm.I am no expert so I refer to one resource that I read so much lately and based on my experiences so far. You can check my 5th-anniversary story article here if you haven't read it.
So, for the first article, I'm going to share about the CHALLENGE OF CAREER.


[Special Post] Happy 5th Anniversary! | Wonderful and tearful journey

Happy Monday!
It’s 3rd October, this date is one important date in my life. Today is my 5th anniversary as a working lady. I remember clearly on this day, my first day went to work. I’m trying to show my very best confident look and not nervous face but deep inside my heart, I’m nervous like crazy!


#keriitletoOOTD: Infinity

But in all these troubles we have complete victory through God, who has shown his love for us.
Romans 8:37

Hi there~
Last weekend was one of the blessed weekends I ever had because I attended one conference in SIB Serdang. We called it R8VG Infinity. Its organised by Youth community. From the conference, I can learn to improve myself in many aspects. So, I don't want to keep what I learned by myself, so below is a summary from what I get(I hope you guys can understand it).