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My 5 favorite Malaysian breakfast

28 October 2016

Who love breakfast here? Raised your mutual hand!
Okay,thank you! There no better way to start a day without breakfast,right? I know, some of you can't eat breakfast due to stomache issue. I have that one but I just ignore it.
So, here is my favorite Malaysian breakfast.

1.Kolo Mee
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The Kolo Mee that I really love is my hometown,Belaga Kolo Mee. We called it "Mee Kompua" over there. It's taste soo good! In KL, I like the one in MTK,Cheras and Restaurant 2020,Pandan Indah.Slurpp!!

2.Dim Sum
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I love to eat dim sum after my morning joging(if I go joging). The taste soo good! The restaurant I always go eat Dim Sum is The Maxim,Kajang.

3.Nasi Lemak
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Can't denied this one!haha. I love nasi lemak especially after I went business trip. I craving the most for this!
You can find this almost everywhere in the morning. The one that I love the most for this moment is Nasi Lemak Beratur nearby my house.

4.Roti Canai
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Another awesome breakfast, roti canai with chicken curry! Yummeh!

5.Wonton Soup
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Last but not least, wonton soup! I don't know if its called wonton or wantan? Whatever it is, I just love to eat this for my breakfast!

So, that's my favorite Malaysian breakfast. What's yours? 
Please share with me.

Have a good day.


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