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What October taught me


Yay! Almost end of October! Oh, what?! Is it end of October already?
How's time flies right? This month has been challenging as per usual but I feel natural, thanks to God! This month, I heard of bad/sad news from my kampong.One young man going back to our Fathers in heaven. I'm thinking, life is short and anytime you or someone close to you will go.So, be grateful and appreciate everyday life.Since October will be away in 3 days, so I will share what October taught me.

God is good..all the time
If you remain in me and my words remain in you,ask whatever you wish,and it will be done for you. John 15:7 NIV
I have learned that, no matter what situation you are in,God is good. It's the matter of your perspective of what happen to you.If you feel like the situation is bad, then your mind will start to feel ungrateful but if you try to see your situation in a bright way(even though its hardest!), you will feel a lot better. I tried to always look at the bright side in any situation in my life. This month is been tough for me(in financial wise) because of my own mistake.I try not to regret it but learn from it.
No matter what,God is good...all the time!

Be patience
As you serve the Lord,work hard and don't be lazy. Be excited about serving Him. Be happy because of the hope you have.Be patient when you have troubles. Pray all the time. Romans 12:11-12
When you in the situation you can't feel that there's any way out, be patient. I believe there's way out because I believe in God and I know, God never leave me alone.As I mentioned above, this month is challenging for me because I have my own financial issue so I feel like there's no way out actually but I need to remind myself, God is the only way out for me.Be patience!

It's not too late to learn about God's words.
This one is the hardest for young Christian(I guess) or it's just me. I never really want to read God's words before because I feel like it's the same stories.I've heard that numerous time in my life.But, I changed my mind after I attended the Bible Class in my local church.I never feel the same again about God's words. I'm someone that always trying my best in everything, never stop, never give up to achieve my dreams but there's some point I have my burnout and I collapsed.I feel I wanna give up but I'm not quittered.So, there's no other way to get up and do it again other than relied on God. To be honest,God's words is really POWERFUL and YES,it's relatable with your own life.
If you searching for happiness, turn to God's words.
If you searching for an answer to all your questions, read God's words.
You will never think the same again about God's words.

Always try to be a good person
Some people live for God's glory,for honour,and for life that cannot be destroyed.They live for those things by always continuing to do good.God will give eternal life to them. Romans 2:7
I have heard one song lyrics like this " I feel good when I do something so wrong"..haha, really?! How do they manage to feel that way? Why we just are a good person and have a good life? I'm trying my best to be one.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart,all your soul,all your mind and all your strength. The second most important  command is this :' Love your neighbour(others) the same as you love yourself'.These two commands are the most important. Mark 12:30-31
For some people, love is easy! Say the three words every day and that's it! Nope, you are wrong! Saying the words is not same like put the words in action.I'm not sure about you but I confidently saying that, when coming to love, I always put it in action,not just words.And, I'm someone that doesn't believe in words and I can't smell the fake love words as well. Well, lessons learned! That's what I love being older, being wiser!

Make time for your loved one(if you really care!)
For me, I believe in spending time together can make the relationship stronger. Spending time like go eat a meal together, do something together or simply being together is enough for me.But, I need to remember, people have different perspectives so need to see the situation. I'm clingy,oh yes! I'm over protective, oh yeah..scary enough? haha. Nobody wants this kind of girl,right?

In few days, November will be here.
I'm excited and feeling anxious too. I don't what the future will be like.But, I knew that God always be there no matter what my day will look like.
Last but not least, what October have taught you? Please do share with me on the comment below and I'm curious to know yours.
Thank you for reading.


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