Hi there!
Happy December 2016!
I still feel excited about my birthday yesterday. I have amazing friends and family that never forget my Birthday(as I always remind them..haha). No matter what the medium like on Instagram,Facebook, RL(real life)., thank you so much for the wishes!
This year birthday is never the same.

My 2016 birthday | Appreciations

30 November 2016

After enjoying the mother nature view at Bondi beach, me and my colleague,Farah took bus to Circular Quay where the Opera House and Harbor Bridge is. One of my dream is visit and take my photo with these two iconic symbol in Sydney. As I mentioned before, I came to Sydney for 4th times but never have a chance to really visit this iconic symbol in Australia. Thanks God, this time, I'm here! I jumping happily and I can't stop myself behaved that way. I'm just excited! The dream come true!

[Sydney,Australia] Opera House & Harbor Bridge

28 November 2016

Hi there~
It's time to overload you guys with my Sydney photos and experience. Get ready ya!
This is my 4th time went to Sydney and finally, I can spent weekend here. Not just 1 weekend but 2 weekend. I'm blessed! So, on my first weekend, I went to Bondi beach ( everyone must go when you in Sydney). I wake up at 430am because I want to see the sunrise in Bondi beach ( people said it's breathtaking so I want to see it with my eyes). Unfortunately, the weather is raining in the early morning. But, I learned something from this situation. One is I can wake up early to see the creation of God so why I can't wake up early to see God every Sunday. I make commitment to never late go to church anymore. Second is life is just like the weather, it's unpredictable.But, we can always rely on God to get through it.

[Sydney,Australia] Bondi Beach,Sydney

27 November 2016

My overdue post from November 2016.
I missed Australia so much now. I want to go back there forever! Live there like it's where I belong.One of the best memories I make in Australia last year was I able to go to Hillsong Church for three times.What a best time in my life. This is my early birthday present from God that I will never forget forever.But, I'm forgetful lately so I want to share everything on my blog. Without further due,enjoy my photos.

[Sydney,Australia] Welcome Home in Hillsong Church(Week 2)

26 November 2016

Happy Saturday!
It's so good to be home. I missed my bed and the food so much! Of course, my family,friends and special one. Yesterday was a super duper uber long journey for me and my colleague,Vicky. The check-in took longer than usual,maybe due to boarding pass printing issue,I guess. But, whatever it is, thank God for always give me strength to be patient and don't worry about anything, everything will be alright!

I don't know how to start this post, I'm too excited to share about it.
I want to start it by something that I learned from my first ever SISTERHOOD event in Hillsong Church.Something that I never expect to happen in my life, but it's HAPPENED!
I came to Sydney,Australia for work and never ever I imagined I will have an opportunity to experience this. God has made His way for me to attended, experience and learned from SISTERHOOD in Hillsong Church.I can't stop saying "Thank You,God" when and after the event. It's inspired me in so many ways. I just can't wait to share it with you girls.
So, without further due, read more.

[Sydney,Australia] My first Sisterhood experience in Hillsong Church

22 November 2016

It's Fri-yay!
18/every month
One of the best date in my life.


[November Special] 18/11

18 November 2016

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Happy Monday!
TGIM! Thanks God is Monday.
Another day to live a better life and start fresh!
Amazing day with God
Yesterday was an amazing day for me.I still cant believe what happened,I even pinched myself and it's hurt,so I need to believe it,it's real! 

[November Special] The Bible app that help me

14 November 2016

Another date that I will never forget in my life.
When I think of Australia, I will think of three things, Kangaroos, Opera House and Hillsong Church.
I wishing to go to Hillsong Church whenever I came to Sydney,Australia but I always don’t have weekend so I don’t have chance to go. But, last week, I’m fortunate enough to have chance to go to Hillsong church. I’m overwhelmed and feeling unreal!
It’s dream come true now!

[November Special] Hillsong Church 2016 experience(First time)

13 November 2016

Hi there~
Yesterday is one blessed day as one baby girl was born in this world.
Her name is Marina.
So, I want to write birthday post for her.

[November Special] : Happy Birthday,Marina!

11 November 2016

Hi there~
Thank you for visit and read my blog again.
As you read this, I'm in Sydney,Australia for my business trip. I wrote this article before I went to Australia because I don’t want to miss one day in November.This is special month so I will share every new article on every day.
For today, I wanted to share about some lessons I've learned in hard way. Without further due, here you go.

[November Special]Lesson I’ve learned in the hard way

10 November 2016

Happy Hump day!
It’s the middle of the week now.
I’m not feel good here because it’s my every month day,girls know it. I feel very painful this morning but I need to go to work no matter what.So, I wake up and go to work.
I prepare this post before I came to Sydney last Sunday so here is some quotes that I try to live by.

[November Special] Quotes I try to live by

09 November 2016

Hi there~
Its 8-November-2016, time moving so fast here in Sydney.I'm thankful seeing, feel and wake up in other side of world.I don't have time to explore Sydney yet because I've a lot of work to do. and I'm staying very far from Sydney city.I hope I will have time on weekend.But, the current is not bad.Its where Olympic held in the past(I don't remember when and I'm not feeling to Google it now,sorry!).But, its amazing to see one of the place of Olympic.I will not stopped talking about how amazing is that.So, today article will be about myself.If you realized, this week article will be getting to know myself.If you meet in real life,then you already know me for instant but since we not going to see each other in real life very soon,so get to know me on my blog. For today, I will share about what I like and dislike about myself.

[November Special] Things I like and dislike about myself

08 November 2016

Hi there!
I’m thankful I wake up early today in the other side of the world.
I wake up in Sydney, Australia. I have been here for 4th times now, which make me, feel grateful.
Despite many obstacles in my life, I’m always try to be grateful what I have, what I’m doing and whatever I experience in my life.
We just live once so don’t take it for granted.

[November Special] Five blessings in my life

07 November 2016

Hi there~
Happy Sunday!
As you read this post, I'm on way to Sydney,Australia!
This is my 4th time to Sydney and I'm THANKFUL! Since I travel quite frequent, so I must have TRAVEL Apps that I can rely on during my travel time.So,here you go.

[November Special] Travel apps must have

06 November 2016

Happy Saturday!
Thanks God it's first Saturday on November 2016. And, I share about something that I miss after so long.It's TRAVEL topic! I'm thankful for having an opportunity to travel to some country in this wonderful world created by our amazing God.As to prepare myself on the travel mood (yes, I will go travel again to somewhere, I will share on my Instagram and Facebook when it's happening), so here is my five(5) country I want to visit in future.

[November special] 5 country I want to visit

05 November 2016

Hi there~
This topic is very interesting for me because I've experience it before. Feeling heartbroken is never been easy.But, we can't forever feeling heartbroken so no matter how hard it is, we need to move on with our life.

This topic is not for the broken relationship, but it's for separation event in our life.But,usually when we heard or read about move on, we immediately think about the broken relationship,right?
So, maybe we can focus on that and if you not experience any broken relationship in your life,wow!good for you!! Without further due,let's see how I move on from any separation in your life,maybe from someone that you used to love,your friends and etc.

[November Special] How to move on?

04 November 2016

I love went to IKEA.
The place that full of inspirations and great home furnishing( full of people as well). I don't own my house(yet) but I really love to see the home decor and make me wanna work harder for my own house.
The house decor really make me want to work harder and make my house like the one that I see in IKEA.
What I really like about IKEA is the minimalist concept and some of the items is quite affordable I think.

[November Special] One fine day in IKEA Cheras

03 November 2016

It's 2 November again.
The same date but different year and the same memory remain in my memory. The 1 year has past but I still remember what happened on this date. Sometimes, I still can't believe what actually happen but that's what happen now. After my break up 3years ago,

[November Special] After 1 year...

02 November 2016

Hello there!
Oh yes! It’s November!!!! I’m excited! My close friend and my siblings(sisters especially) knows about why I'm excited(because I remind them on 31/Oct..hehe) and I think they already get tired of this excitement after this many years..haha. Why am I so excited whenever November comes?
November is my birthday month so I will start to do countdown start from 1 November until 30 November on Facebook by sharing each date everyday. This year, I want to make a little different, instead of sharing date everyday, I will share useful article everyday,start from getting to know me, something that I learn, my everyday life and etc. So, after this, you will get to know me well and I hope it can help you know yourself better too.Without further due, here is the first article. It's all about 30 things makes me happy.
What's make you happy?

[November Special] 30 things makes me happy

01 November 2016

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