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My 2016 birthday | Appreciations

Hi there!
Happy December 2016!
I still feel excited about my birthday yesterday. I have amazing friends and family that never forget my Birthday(as I always remind them..haha). No matter what the medium like on Instagram,Facebook, RL(real life)., thank you so much for the wishes!
This year birthday is never the same.

Two days before my birthday, our big family lost one of my aunt..It's a sad news but I knew, we will meet again at our eternal home.Also, this year celebration quite different too because I used to celebrate with my Sarawakian/Bangi friends but two of our "gang" already moved to Sarawak so just left me and Marina to celebrated our birthday this year.
But, as people come and go in our life, God blessed me with amazing new friends and special one. I'm more than thankful and blessed. They even do the surprise for me in my house parking area, the most uncomfortable places but I'm thankful and appreciate it so much.Thank you my dear and my dearest friends, Jue,Dino and Sandra. You guys are the best and you guys really make my birthday become meaningful and amazing!
Here are my amazing friends and amazing special one! I called them amazing, not because they give me a surprise but they're amazing,really!
That silly guy! He never knows how to show proper face whenever we took a selfie or whatever kind of photos..haha but I like it!
Two sweethearts. Thank you God for this two sweetheart!
 Drinking coffee after 10pm is amazing and I cannot sleep!haha
The silly guys in action again! haha
They get caught by me!haha
Thank You!
Thank You!!
Blowing up the candles! This year, I got " Happy Birthday Princess Paya",
I'm always my father's princess and hopefully, the queen of special one(muahahaha)

Thank you, Sandra and Jue!
Thank you guys! 
Special note to someone, I like chocolate cake!
Thank you Unnie for pre-birthday lunch. I love bah kut teh!
 How we celebrate my birthday?
We went to car workshop..hahaha, Oppa (my car) need some love.
 We both love sneakers, we can talk about sneakers nonstop...haha
And, I insisted go to Aquaria KLCC and I'm disappointed so I don't want to share any photo of it here now. I will put it in future just for the record. I'm disappointed!
Special appearance on my blog post today.
My friend,best friend,my gang and if God willing, my future partner in life(Amen!). Thank you for do an amazing thing in my life so far. I really really appreciate it. There's so much to learn and improve in each of us and let's do it together! He doesn't know to pose properly, I just don't know why! hahaha but it's okay lah..haha

And, I will never forget each of you that wished me "Happy Birthday"
1. Namansor - I keep reminding you so you become the first one!
 2. My family - Thank you for never forget and I love you! But my name don't have K o..haha
 Thank you, Ted, for the Birthday song and thank you too, my lovely sister and Demma, can't wait to see you guys.

3. My colleagues/friends- You guys always amazing and such a sweetheart! Thanks for always bear with my reminder every November..haha

 4. Jue,Sandra,Dino and Mac and JFC family - Thank You so much!

5. My Geethu - Awww.. I missed you soo much and thank you.
 6. My lovely niece, Luhong BK - Thanks for the song and wishes. I love it!
 7. Ija - Thank you so mucho!
 8. My high school friends, Lenny and Melissa - Tega tawai!
 9. My best friend forever, Usun - You know I love you and I will always love you. Don't ever feel alone in this world, I'm here for you k. Thank you for this #majorthrowback photos.. We are so young!

10.Another amazing women I ever met, Loretta- You're an amazing friend of mine! Thank you for the reminder, it's meant a lot for me. I appreciate it! 

Thank you so much for every wishes from you guys. I really appreciated it. Before I end this special post, I want to reveal my wishes. I don't have many wishes just like last time.
::My wishes::
 Always faithful in any season of life
God is love
Love one another just like I love Jesus Christ
Colossians 3:23
Romans 12: 1-21
Thankful with everything that I have

Thank you for read and visit my blog.


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