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[Sydney,Australia] Bondi Beach,Sydney

27 November 2016

Hi there~
It's time to overload you guys with my Sydney photos and experience. Get ready ya!
This is my 4th time went to Sydney and finally, I can spent weekend here. Not just 1 weekend but 2 weekend. I'm blessed! So, on my first weekend, I went to Bondi beach ( everyone must go when you in Sydney). I wake up at 430am because I want to see the sunrise in Bondi beach ( people said it's breathtaking so I want to see it with my eyes). Unfortunately, the weather is raining in the early morning. But, I learned something from this situation. One is I can wake up early to see the creation of God so why I can't wake up early to see God every Sunday. I make commitment to never late go to church anymore. Second is life is just like the weather, it's unpredictable.But, we can always rely on God to get through it.

I arrived at Bondi beach around 0600am, I was waiting at Bondi Junction train station previously before took a bus to the beach because it's raining heavily.I love rainy day but not today..haha, I want to see the blue skies and blue sea. Despite raining, I do morning walking in the Bondi beach while praying to God, please change the weather, I want to see the blue skies and sea. Around 8am, there no sign the raining going to stop and the skies look even gray. So, I decided to find cafe' to drink coffee and eat my breakfast but since it's super early, most of the cafe' is closed except MacDonald, it's open 24h so no choice, I went there and ate my breakfast while waiting for miracle to happen. And, around 0830am, the miracle is about to happened. The rain is stopped slowly and the skies start to look clear. I can't stop saying " Thank You God!".
By 9am, the skies is clear and the Bondi beach start showing her beauty to me. So, without further due, I took a morning walk again while waiting for my colleague,Farah to arrived. Every steps I took is become wonderful! The skies become blue and the sea become super blue. It's breathtaking!
Thank yo God for let me see this beautiful view and now, I'm sharing it with you guys. I hope you'll like it.
And, don't forget "God is good, all the time".
 The early morning view is just beautiful!
I arrived at Bondi Junction station and it's raining heavily so need to wait awhile.

When I arrived, no sunrise but I'm praying I can see the beautiful skies.

Breakfast at MacDonald.
 This is new for me. We can order from the machine. I've tried it and it's pretty convieniece for me.
 After my breakfast, the rain is stopped and the skies become clear.

And, the miracle is here! The skies is blue and the sea is beautiful! No editing need for this photo. This is the original photos.


I just love the beach because I can see my favoirte thing in this world, beach and skies!
As you know, I loved skies so much and as for the beach, I like it too but I'm not living in the beach area.
Whatever it is, I'm thankful for spending my precious time to see and feel the breathtaking view. I'm not asking for more.

Thank You for read and visit my blog.
I hope you enjoy the photos.

All photos taken using Iphone 6 camera by Aya from and Farah, my colleague.

God bless you,

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