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[November Special] Travel apps must have

06 November 2016

Hi there~
Happy Sunday!
As you read this post, I'm on way to Sydney,Australia!
This is my 4th time to Sydney and I'm THANKFUL! Since I travel quite frequent, so I must have TRAVEL Apps that I can rely on during my travel time.So,here you go.

Before you go:
1. Skyscanner [iOS][Android]
> To check the cheapest flight
2. [iOS][Android]
>Booking your hotel
Check the weather.

Once you arrive:

1.Wi-Fi Finder[Android]
2.XE currency [iOS][Android]
3.Subway apps *Australia case
4.Opal travel [iOS][Android]
5.Google Maps [iOS][Android]



Document your journey:



11. Instagram[iOS][Android]

Before I end this post, I would like to say thank you for this opportunity.I never have this dream ever but God can do more than I ever imagined.
I will keep update my journey in Sydney whenever I have time. I traveled for work so maybe it will be hard for me to keep update beside I will have time just for weekend.So, if you have any places you wanna go in Sydney,please do comment below. If I can, I will visit it on weekend(if God willing).

Have a good sunday!
I miss my boyfriend..haha

Paya from

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